12 July, 2015

Oh hey You

The other day I met up with my girl Soeraija to contemplate on the future of SOYL. It all started with this blog and a dream of one day having my own brand of creations. For a while I have been feeling like I'm at a crossroad, like it's a do or die moment. I felt an immense pressure to succeed and instead of pushing me forward it left me feeling tired and stressed out. There was no joy in what I was doing so I decided to take a breather. I went of the grid for a year only to return fresh and motivated. I'm back (never really left cuz you know I've been incognito online) and with a new mind-set. It's not about grinding your ass off or hustling till you can't even recognise yourself in the mirror. And then brag about how you have no social life because you're so busy getting your hustle on. Nope its about following your life rhythm and keeping the balance between work and fun. Because without you there is no dream and then what will become of the dreamer?

I feel like the time is now to take SOYL to the next step. And thankfully I met a lot of great people in the last year who have motivated and encouraged me to keep on going. I feel like I'm getting one step closer to my dream at my own pace.

Love Soraya 

Yeah I'm in my own lane, run my own pace 
Chasing nobody marathon but my own race
I do it for the bay area Yeah that's home base 
They try to run next to us but there ain't no space

Pics taken in this cute little town called Haarlem

New designs, also the one that I'm wearing, now in the shop.

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  1. wat leuk jouw terug te zien. kijk uit naar jouw next post ;-)


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