20 May, 2014

Just finished: Mini roses and rose gold details

The story of the Romanticists 

09 May, 2014

DIY: Japanese rice packaging Bag Kenya Hara inspiration

A Book 1996-

Iwafune Rice 1999

Dandelion Wine 1999

Inspiration Kenya Hara

The second design is the one that inspired me to do this DIY. It's a design for one of Kenya Hara's clients who wanted a packaging which promotes safe and high quality rice.
It's clean and simple but modest. Pure like the rice it's containing. 
Kenya runs the Hara design institute, a think tank for contemporary art in all forms and is a professor of the science of design at Tokyo's Musashino Art University.

I wish people would better appreciate design culture and histories, and use them as a resource. For example, at the time of the Meiji Restoration [1868-1912], the Japanese institutionalized tradition and aesthetics. It would be good to bring back those practices again when thinking about the future home.            -Kenya Hara-


You will need some hardboard, faux leather, measuring tape, hot glue gun or sewing machine. 

1.First up, we have to make the bottom of the bag with a piece of cardboard. Mine is an A5, half of the A4 cardboard
2. Cover the piece of cardboard with the faux leather, both sides and glue it together.
3. Now the measurements for the bag. Wide is 74 cm plus 5 cm en height is 68 cm. You can always cut the fabric off the top once your done.
4. Glue or stitch the sides together using the extra 5 cm.
5. Fold the bottom like the picture.
6. Insert the piece of cardboard.
7. Now glue as you see on the pic.
8. Fold like an envelope.
9. You need to make straps with the left over material.
10. Make two cuts, 5 cm apart.
11. See pictures how to fold with two different methods:
a. Just role the strings downwards and tie the strings together.
b. Fold the two corners inwards and then role it downwards.

And that's it!

Have Fun

Love Soraya

Design photos courtesy of the Hara Design Institute

01 May, 2014

A selection of Flowers

Come closer


Yes almost there

What do you see? 

-It's all in the Details-

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