04 April, 2014

Next Chapter: SOYL studio atelier

I'm over the moon excited, ecstatic, thrilled, crazy in love.. hmm and so much more... I have my own workshop, my own shit. No one can disturb me, silence all around. Just me and my creative energy. 
But no one is happier than my boyfriend who has lived with my chaotic way of creating for a while now. If you could see him, carrying my stuff around with a big smile and making suggestions for the interior. Unrecognizable I can tell you that. Haha but seriously sometimes you don't know the impact of a change. I thought I was doing just fine at home and I didn't needed a workshop.
And as I took my first step in the atelier, a relieve came over me and I knew this was the right decision. The thought of doing whatever comes to the creative mind is just liberating.

To be Continued...

Flowers of the Albert Cuijp market. I've selected these flowers based on color, the texture but most importantly the scent. My favorite flower is the one with the very small flowers on the stem, the Genista flower. It's a funny plant when you see it, just an ordinary bush with flowers so small you don't even notice them. But one stem in a vase brings a different story of the intricate little flowers. And the scent is so soft and lovely. A huge contrast to the Hyacinths, the pink colored thicker flowers, with their heavier fragrance. These flowers are the perfect natural perfume selection for the atelier.

Love Soraya

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  1. Congrats on the big step!!! Can't wait to see what the workshop looks like once it's decorated! :-) Hahaha about your boyfriend!
    Shasie Live Life in Style
    Founder of Houston Fashion Bloggers


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