18 March, 2014

DIY: Graphic Artsy Sweater

I saw these dark colored garments with metallic graphic flower print at the Dries van Noten Fall show and thought about this DIY. It's very easy, you just need some textile paint and a sweater.
You don't have to be a creative artist with these simple tips.

First up draw your design, you can practice first if you like. For the fade effect you need to press the paint on the paper and release pressure as you move the brush in a flowy line.

Now you can draw the pattern with some chalk on the sweater and then paint it layer by layer.

No worries if you make mistakes cause we're now at the fun part, making splashes of paint on the sweater.

Let the paint dry for a few hours and iron the sweater on the rear to fix (dutch: na het drogen, draai je de trui binnenste buiten om te strijken voor een betere hechting.)

Bring out the artist in you!

Love Soraya

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