31 March, 2014

Beauty Aspects: Sweet like candy glitter ombre nail art

Nail polishes from Primark

First up your base coat color

26 March, 2014

The SOYL Hunters collection: Ear cuffs, Body Chains and more

Just finished these new designs of The Hunters collection and I couldn't wait to show them to you guys. New editions on the body jewelry department are the silver bodychain and boho headband. Definitely turned out how I wanted, power pieces.

...To be continued...

22 March, 2014

Beauty Aspects: Inspirational Spring make-up looks by Paige Reifier, Lupita Nyong'o and Shu Pei

Paige Reifier for ELLE Vietnam, Lupita Nyong'o for ESSENCE magazine and Shu Pei for GLOW Canada.

Love these beauty editorials with the pastels and bright colors definitely inspiration for a fresh spring make up look. I have to be honest though since the inspiration post of last year I still have my usual brown and gold tones.
Buttttt 2014 is a year of changing my habits so I will definitely try this and show it here on the blog.
What do you think, will you go for some more color in your make up bag?

Love Soraya

20 March, 2014

Beauty Aspects: Real Feather Nail Tutorial

You will need:
base color - clear top coat - small feathers - small pair of scissors

Start by applying your base color.

Now you can select and arrange your feathers.

Apply a clear top coat nail polish and carefully place the feather on your nail. Push the feather gently in place.

When dry apply a top coat 2x and trim the edges with some small scissors.

And Voilà!
You're done. I've chosen to take a bit off each side of the feathers to create small feather flames on the nails.

Have Fun

Love Soraya

18 March, 2014

DIY: Graphic Artsy Sweater

I saw these dark colored garments with metallic graphic flower print at the Dries van Noten Fall show and thought about this DIY. It's very easy, you just need some textile paint and a sweater.
You don't have to be a creative artist with these simple tips.

First up draw your design, you can practice first if you like. For the fade effect you need to press the paint on the paper and release pressure as you move the brush in a flowy line.

Now you can draw the pattern with some chalk on the sweater and then paint it layer by layer.

No worries if you make mistakes cause we're now at the fun part, making splashes of paint on the sweater.

Let the paint dry for a few hours and iron the sweater on the rear to fix (dutch: na het drogen, draai je de trui binnenste buiten om te strijken voor een betere hechting.)

Bring out the artist in you!

Love Soraya

17 March, 2014

New story: The Travelers collection

Hi Loves

I've been in a summer mood these past weeks preparing the Travelers collection. Inspired by those far away trips to places you have never been before. While making it I was reminiscing those sweet days. Contrary to the other stories, the Travelers collection has a lot of bright colors and patterns.
Also new to the collections are the armlets and anklets designs check it out here:

Love Soraya

01 March, 2014

Backstage through the lens of Lea Colombo : AW 14 BALMAIN// DIOR// DRIES VAN NOTEN




Beautiful photography by Lea Colombo. A young very talented photographer,21, from Cape Town who found her way to fashion without a degree. Lea is living a fashion girl's dream with access to the best fashion shows and the hectic backstage areas.
Love her work, she's really capturing the spirit of the different collections and the backstage atmosphere.
Check out her interview with Wmagazine here

Love Soraya

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