06 February, 2014

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I would love to write a beautiful piece about the inspirations for these collections. But I find it hard to put in to words, always had... I remember in college that you needed to begin with a good mood-board full of inspirational words and images. And then filter it down in to different boards like one for the colors scheme, one for the graphics, fabrics and so on. And exactly there is where it went wrong for me because I would come up with the designs first and then for the sake of a good grade I would mix and match story lines and mood-boards at the last minute.

I can't sit and design, it needs to come to me, stone colors need to speak to me or a tribal pendant need to inspire me. It begins with one item and then it all gradually turns in a collection as I find more beautiful colors or materials. But I never know the outcome before I begin. And I'm also far more interested in what the collection does to you, what it reminds you of I would like to know....


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