27 February, 2014

DIY:Furoshiki Japanese Gift wrapping

Furoshiki is a Japanese folding art, a true ritual that is performed with care from the choice of fabric to wrapping the items. Originally the square cloths of cotton or silk were  used to transport bath necessities this is were the word "furoshiki" distracted. 'Furo' means 'bath' and 'Shiki' means 'cloth'. Over the centuries, the use became more widespread and extensive. Although there are still Furoshiki users in Japan, their numbers decreased a bit partly due to the development of the plastic shopping bag. In recent years, it has seen a renewed interest because of the eco-friendly factor.

Simply giving a gift is not enough, the presentation and the package of a gift is just as important. The fabric is selected based on culture, symbolism, structure and material. The pattern of the fabric is used as a indirect way to communicate with the recipient. Furoshiki is an expression of kindness, dignity and respect to the one who receives.

There are a lot of different folding techniques in Furoshiki. The one I used is the Otsukai Tsutsumi. A very simple and eco-friendly way to package a gift for your loved one.
Try it some times with a lovely fabric for a personal touch.

Love Soraya

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