18 February, 2014

DIY: Jewelry Display Type Case

I use these DIY displays for events and I think that they will stand lovely on your dressing table. The letterbak translated  type case is a trend in home deco. Type cases were used for printing and typographers used it to store their lead letters, hence the name. Nowadays they are used as a fun way to showcase memories on the wall. If you're really handy, you could make your own design with small wood boards. But this one was so cheap it saved me the hassle. I bought it for a couple of euros at the Action (NL).

the DIY
You will need a sheet of carton board, a nice fabric (a suede look is also cute), spray adhesive, superglue, pencil and scissors.
First step is to measure the spaces you would like to be filled. Then cover your carton with the fabric. You will get very neat edges because of the spray adhesive.

I've made three different ways to show your jewelry. 
1. The harmonica for your rings: You need to measure the space and multiply the length by 2. Then fold it like a harmonica.
 2. The bridge: Multiply the height by 1,5. You can cut it shorter if you would like a smaller bridge.
3. The pillow: Cut out a rectangle shape from your fabric. Mine is 12 by 9 cm. Turn the piece to the wrong side and glue the longer sides together plus the one shorter side. Then flip the pillow inside out and fill it with cotton balls or soft material. Turn the ends inside and glue it together with superglue.

And that's it, now you can organize your jewelry.

Hope you liked the DIY.



  1. Heel leuk gedaan!

  2. Very Very cool DIY! I have so many little trays and things for jewelry.


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