27 February, 2014

Beauty Aspect: Ombre hair dye with silver grey ends

I'm working on the new webshop so my friend Nadine came over to model some of my pieces and to my surprise she came with a total new look. Not your typical hair dye but an edgy ombre look with grey silver ends. Love it!
You have to see it ...check out her story...

I'm always playing it safe with my hair, natural colors and all no major changes, but this time I went for something different. It didn't turned out as expected but to my surprise I'm in love with the results.
Last spring I decided to dye my hair dip dye style. Naturally, I'm a brunette and I've been coloring my hair blonde since 5 years. Due to all of the coloring, and the length of my hair; the blonde in the ends of my hair became brighter and brighter. I really liked the colour, and all summer I wore my hair curly or straight, a bit beachy with a lot of different shades of blonde.
During fall, I was having second thoughts about my blonde hair. I have been a blonde for such a long time and I wanted to make a drastic change.... I gave it a lot of thoughts and... I would really love to have Ashy Brown hair.So I went to my hairdresser and told her about my idea. She loved it so she picked out the right shade of brown color in a real ashy tone and told me that the light blonde in the ends might turn out to be a little bit lighter, but it would definitely be ashy Brown...After washing out the paint, the bright ends turned in to bright purple...oops small mistake, but after a few more it turned in a lilac/grey tone at the ends of my hair almost silver.. I think it turned out better then I could ever imagine.

What are your thoughts would you try it?

Love Soraya

DIY:Furoshiki Japanese Gift wrapping

Furoshiki is a Japanese folding art, a true ritual that is performed with care from the choice of fabric to wrapping the items. Originally the square cloths of cotton or silk were  used to transport bath necessities this is were the word "furoshiki" distracted. 'Furo' means 'bath' and 'Shiki' means 'cloth'. Over the centuries, the use became more widespread and extensive. Although there are still Furoshiki users in Japan, their numbers decreased a bit partly due to the development of the plastic shopping bag. In recent years, it has seen a renewed interest because of the eco-friendly factor.

Simply giving a gift is not enough, the presentation and the package of a gift is just as important. The fabric is selected based on culture, symbolism, structure and material. The pattern of the fabric is used as a indirect way to communicate with the recipient. Furoshiki is an expression of kindness, dignity and respect to the one who receives.

There are a lot of different folding techniques in Furoshiki. The one I used is the Otsukai Tsutsumi. A very simple and eco-friendly way to package a gift for your loved one.
Try it some times with a lovely fabric for a personal touch.

Love Soraya

23 February, 2014

Inspirational Sunday

Turn your empty perfume bottles in to little vases

Yes to this Emilio Pucci jacket with a simple tee and boyfriend jeans

Gotta try something different with my eyeliner

...her hair with the dark plum colored lipstick...

18 February, 2014

DIY: Jewelry Display Type Case

I use these DIY displays for events and I think that they will stand lovely on your dressing table. The letterbak translated  type case is a trend in home deco. Type cases were used for printing and typographers used it to store their lead letters, hence the name. Nowadays they are used as a fun way to showcase memories on the wall. If you're really handy, you could make your own design with small wood boards. But this one was so cheap it saved me the hassle. I bought it for a couple of euros at the Action (NL).

the DIY
You will need a sheet of carton board, a nice fabric (a suede look is also cute), spray adhesive, superglue, pencil and scissors.
First step is to measure the spaces you would like to be filled. Then cover your carton with the fabric. You will get very neat edges because of the spray adhesive.

I've made three different ways to show your jewelry. 
1. The harmonica for your rings: You need to measure the space and multiply the length by 2. Then fold it like a harmonica.
 2. The bridge: Multiply the height by 1,5. You can cut it shorter if you would like a smaller bridge.
3. The pillow: Cut out a rectangle shape from your fabric. Mine is 12 by 9 cm. Turn the piece to the wrong side and glue the longer sides together plus the one shorter side. Then flip the pillow inside out and fill it with cotton balls or soft material. Turn the ends inside and glue it together with superglue.

And that's it, now you can organize your jewelry.

Hope you liked the DIY.


15 February, 2014

New Look: Shaved head

Maybe you haven't noticed but I changed the look of the blog in a more modest style. And that's not the only thing I've changed. Jup, my Hair! I've shaved it off. Not completely pfew... half way.
You might think I'm brave to rock this look, but it wasn't by choice it was more like necessary.
I had a perm aka relax on my hair after being natural for over a year (second attempt). My hair reacted like cray cray on the white stuff (yet again, when do I learn). And I ended up with uneven hair in the front area so I decided to shave it. But the shaving part got addictive and I wanted more ... so I did the other side and slowly it turned out to what you see now.
What do you think?
I'm not done changing just yet, I'm also busy on the online shop but more of that soon.

13 February, 2014

Street Style: New York Fashion Week Round Up Fall 2014

Photographed by Phil Oh

06 February, 2014

SHOP: New stories about the Hunters, the Nomads and the Wanderers

I would love to write a beautiful piece about the inspirations for these collections. But I find it hard to put in to words, always had... I remember in college that you needed to begin with a good mood-board full of inspirational words and images. And then filter it down in to different boards like one for the colors scheme, one for the graphics, fabrics and so on. And exactly there is where it went wrong for me because I would come up with the designs first and then for the sake of a good grade I would mix and match story lines and mood-boards at the last minute.

I can't sit and design, it needs to come to me, stone colors need to speak to me or a tribal pendant need to inspire me. It begins with one item and then it all gradually turns in a collection as I find more beautiful colors or materials. But I never know the outcome before I begin. And I'm also far more interested in what the collection does to you, what it reminds you of I would like to know....


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