05 August, 2013

Beauty Aspects: Aquamarine Ombre and Caviar Dips Nail tutorial

Hi Loves!

It has been quiet here for a while now. I've been working on my stock level for the festivals Lowlands and Mysteryland. Are you going to one of these? Make sure you stop by for a quick " Hi ".
This also means working mad hard on the new designs and materials I got in and I have to say it's finally coming together. Cant wait to show you.
My lill' niece, Roos, came over last week to help me out a bit. Or at least that was her intention, instead we we were constant laughing and goofing around. The perfect distraction to get a breather from all the work.
In the mids of all the fun I asked her if she would like to be my guinea pig for a tutorial with the new nail polish I got from Bourjois. And she said Hell Yeah so here are the results.
It's my first ombre tutorial with the sponge technic and with the caviar dips. Both technics are mad easy with cool results.

Check it Out!

Nailpolish: Bourjois 22. Turqouise Bloc and 23. In the Navy
Top coat:  Bourjois So Matt Top coat
               03. Maliblue Manicure Toppings

The pictures speak for themselves but here are some tips and remarks:

-  Any sponge will do but it needs to have a fine texture, make-up sponges are perfect.
-  I did one layer of ombre because of the matt top coat which smoothed the layer out. But I think two will
be better.
- To enhance the ombre effect you can use a white nail polish beneath the lightest color on your sponge.
- Definitely use the Scottish tape because it's going to get messy and afterwards you can clean it up with a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover.
- I went for a triangle form on the nails but you can easily dip the whole nail in the Caviar topping.

Love to hear from you!

My Summer Favorite is the color 22. Turqouise Bloc 

Thank you Roos!

Have Fun


  1. looks fabulous on you!
    lots of love.

  2. Love this look. Teal/blue always a good gradient combo. ;)

  3. Hey! Ik kwam je kaartje net weer tegen, dus ik ben meteen even komen kijken, wij hadden elkaar gesproken op het bourjois cheries vip event weet je nog!
    Ik ben as zaterdag ook op Mysteryland, dus als ik je zie kom ik zeker even hallo zeggen:)

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