24 June, 2013

Story of my life: Photoshoot for Oh My

Hi Loves remember a fun and informative site full of news about natural curly hair? Well, the twin sisters Megisa and Aisha are branching out and came up with the idea for an online shop. On you will be able to find all sorts of products to help you maintain your beautiful natural tresses.

For the opening the girls asked me for a collaboration with my designs and also to model for the site! The concept was to celebrate black hair by highlighting the different variaties and styles. And my jewellery fitted perfectly with the concept. I was ecstatic at first and then the idea of me modeling settled in and it frightened me like hell. I've never done a professional photoshoot before and it would take place one day before my vacation to Suriname.

Oh man I was all stressed as I walked in the studio but as soon as I felt the atmosphere. I was relaxed. I liked it, it was hectic and intimate. All sorts of people walking around, girls are in make-up while the other is doing her shoot. I was first up and the instuctrions were simple one shoot with a straight face and the other all smiled up and happy. But man it was harder then I thought. All eyes are focused on you while you are trying to do what is told. After some tips and suggestions from the photographer I decided to let loose and shake it off. That felt much better and I went crazy on those balloons! I'm so curious on the final results. Keep you posted on that but first some backstage pics and film so you can get the idea.



Mad Props for the Team;

Styling// Megisa
Photographer// sasamiletic
Hair// Jooze
Make Up// The Natural Nation
 Models// Chanequa, Lisa & Valery

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