30 June, 2013

Item de SOYL Designs: Kimono Love Inspiration

Fabric for my kimono design

Knofrokou Té meaning Garlic plant; It's funny how such a beautiful flower smells like garlic. I keep thinking of food every time I'm passing by...

 I was craving for a long kind of coat-like garment to pare with my shorts obsession. I love to dress in contrasts and this one is my favorite so far. I thought about what kind of coat I should make and found this beautiful floral fabric in Suriname which inspired me to go for a kimono style. A kimono is so chic, elegant and absolutely easy to wear, perfect for a relaxed summer night out. What do you think?



24 June, 2013

Event: Best Kept Secret Festival

So as soon as I got back from my vacation I immediatly needed to switch back to working mode. Festival season has started and I was late! I only had three days left which meant working to the extreme to finish the designs. But the award was certainly fulfilling with lots of happy customers. Thank You Girls! Till next time. Keep you posted on the next Festival soon.

Love Soraya

Story of my life: Photoshoot for Oh My

Hi Loves remember a fun and informative site full of news about natural curly hair? Well, the twin sisters Megisa and Aisha are branching out and came up with the idea for an online shop. On you will be able to find all sorts of products to help you maintain your beautiful natural tresses.

For the opening the girls asked me for a collaboration with my designs and also to model for the site! The concept was to celebrate black hair by highlighting the different variaties and styles. And my jewellery fitted perfectly with the concept. I was ecstatic at first and then the idea of me modeling settled in and it frightened me like hell. I've never done a professional photoshoot before and it would take place one day before my vacation to Suriname.

Oh man I was all stressed as I walked in the studio but as soon as I felt the atmosphere. I was relaxed. I liked it, it was hectic and intimate. All sorts of people walking around, girls are in make-up while the other is doing her shoot. I was first up and the instuctrions were simple one shoot with a straight face and the other all smiled up and happy. But man it was harder then I thought. All eyes are focused on you while you are trying to do what is told. After some tips and suggestions from the photographer I decided to let loose and shake it off. That felt much better and I went crazy on those balloons! I'm so curious on the final results. Keep you posted on that but first some backstage pics and film so you can get the idea.



Mad Props for the Team;

Styling// Megisa
Photographer// sasamiletic
Hair// Jooze
Make Up// The Natural Nation
 Models// Chanequa, Lisa & Valery

19 June, 2013

Vaycay Journal: Outfitpost VayCay Spirit

18 June, 2013

Vacation Mode OFF: Back to work

Hi Loves I'm back from South America, Suriname. And in one breathe; It was amazing. Every year it gets just a little bit better and the one tops the other even more. This year I wanted to relax and get inspired on a whole new artistic level. I wanted to soak it all in and design it all out! But to do so you need to let go and just put your mind on blank for a while.. really solitude yourself.  This all sounds great in theory but man thats much harder in real life. Especially when you're at your moms place and you got tons of family stopping by constantly and trips are being planned. Food Food Food every where my mind was running like crazy!
After the first week I did found some time to create and I made some shorts and a kimono which turned out pretty cool if I might see so. The DIY and outfitpost will be online soon.
But in the last week of the vacation I got the confirmation to sell at the Best Kept Secret Festival this week. So my mind started to go back to overload and jup we were at square one again.
Oh well all is good I had some Fun,Food and Laughter.

Ok Somebody could have told me it was rainy season! I was the laughingstock of the house every time I made my entrance all dressed up in my high heels. 

 This stream of water comes all the way from the backwoods to cool me down. The sound of the forest is restful I could sit here for hours... IF there weren't so many animals, I can feel their eyes lurking me.. I'm telling ya!

Ha my mom will kill me if she sees this! GI Jane in action to harvest some bananas for the evening dish. This is my style of living. You eat what you sow. Especially with this type of banana which is so divers, you can use all stages of ripening. In this green stage you can boile it and make little balls for soups. Yellow stage; its cooked for heri heri a dish which represents tubers like sweet potatoe and cassava, all combined with a salty fish. And in the last stage when the banana is almost overripe, the sweet banana is dipped in flour batter and then fried for bakabana which means fried banana. Hmmmm.. ok ok enough with the food.

The celebration of the first Indian people in Suriname.
 Baba and Mai over 150 years ago.

Treasures of the Garden

I love this. Co-exist. He added some art to the work.
-mom wasn't so pleased though-

Till next year Su!



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