12 May, 2013

Story of my Life: Mother's Day 2013

Orchids, Lily's, Suriname Roses and Faya Lobi

The flowers in the picture above are from my mom's garden in Suriname. Every morning at 6 AM sharp she will make her rounds through her garden, checking if everything is OK wondering which animal made her a visit in the night. And as she strolls down the paths she selects the flowers that are almost finished flowering and makes the most beautiful bouquet for the living room.
I love these morning strolls the air is moist and the plants are all shimmery from the dew. As she takes a sip from her cup of tea she explains all the different plants and their families to me and how one connects to the other. The atmosphere is peaceful until you hear the neighbor's rooster who's making sure of it that everybody will rise and shine.

I know my mom is reading this as she always reads my blog and comments very elaborate   :) thanks mom
But I want you to know mom that I love you and you don't have to miss me that much anymore because................drum ruffle.......
You will be seeing me next week!
Yes after almost a year we will be reunited cause we're heading to Suriname and I'm very happy to tell you that on this day 

Happy Mother's Day
 and to all the Mothers out there Thank you

Love Soraya

PS I'll be sending you my list of things I would like to eat ;) hihi


  1. Wauw, je bent echt prachtig!
    Heel veel plezier in Suriname!



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