14 May, 2013

SHOP SOYL: Happy Customers

I want to give a big Thank You  hug to all the lovely customers and followers that are with me on this journey. I'm happy to create but even  more ecstatic about the fact that it's liked by you. I'm currently working on some new jewellery designs for the summer and also fi-nal-ly *sigh* on my debut  Fashion Collection consisting solely out of dresses. I found the courage and confidence to just go for it. Meaning: stop over think every single freaking detail. And with all your support and positive energy I will definitely reach my goal. So on to the next chapter!

Love Soraya

Glam Slam Choker Necklace

Subtle Seduction Gold Bracelet Bohemian

This version is sold out but I have a smaller version of the Hardware Tribal Necklace

Head Chain Gaia

Body Chain Empire

Cross my Heart bracelet

Body Chain Geometric

Ear Cuff Leafs a Charm


  1. Really pretty! Love them all <3

    X lisa


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