02 May, 2013

DIY: Plastic Jewellery with Hama/ Perler Beads

Hi Loves
 Here is a new DIY, this time with Hama plastic beads. The beads really bring back some memories from my childhood. The concept is still the same but you can easily tune the design up with a more sophisticated touch.

Lets get started
You will need:

Plastic Iron Beads (Hama or Perler; you can find them at any Toy store)
Piece of baking paper
Hardware; metal rings/ earring base/ ring base (Craft shop)
Super Glue
Embellishments like studs and spikes

1. Make a sketch of your design
2. Arrange the beads and colors as you like
3. Iron the beads with the baking paper on top of your design
4. Ensemble your components
5. Provide them with the necessary hardware like the earring base or rings to hang your necklaces on
6. Embellishment TIME:
White/Black/Gold is my favourite color combination so I used the triangle studs to give my jwlz the modern touch.
7. Slide your necklace threw the rings of your design
For the Earrings and rings make sure your design is in the center of the base.
8. Et Voila
You have your own collection of plastic JWLZ






  1. That's so adorable! Absolutely love it <3

    X lisa

  2. What a fabulous idea! Such good results, will be sharing this and trying it myself :)
    Rosie x


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