23 May, 2013

Vacation Mode On

Hi Loves!

I just arrived save and sound in Suriname. All is well! Photos and stories will follow soon. I won't be online that often so my reaction on comments and emails will be somewhat delayed.

The SOYL shop will be on vacation mode untill I'm back in NL.
You can still browse all the items and even order the only thing is that your order will be processed after the 16th of June.
You can follow my Vaycay journey and stories here on the blog.
Keep you posted.


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15 May, 2013

Style Cravings: Laurence Dacade Multi-Buckle Knee Boots

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I know we're heading towards summer but when I laid my eyes on these beauties I knew these were the one I was craving for a long time. Ever since I saw the trend on the runway and Rihanna rocking a beige version. I knew that The Cut Out Knee Boot was my kind of shoe baby!But then of course my eyes rolled down to the price...2,191 euro HaH and yes I was gonna wait a while... But one can still dream... right? And as I am already shopping with my imaginary creditcard I might as well throw in some Narciso Rodrigues long coat, Prabal Gurung eclectic shorts and Derek Lam pullover. And style this rocking beauty up with a worthy ensemble. I'll be off counting my pennies.. have a lovely day!

 Love Soraya


14 May, 2013

SHOP SOYL: Happy Customers

I want to give a big Thank You  hug to all the lovely customers and followers that are with me on this journey. I'm happy to create but even  more ecstatic about the fact that it's liked by you. I'm currently working on some new jewellery designs for the summer and also fi-nal-ly *sigh* on my debut  Fashion Collection consisting solely out of dresses. I found the courage and confidence to just go for it. Meaning: stop over think every single freaking detail. And with all your support and positive energy I will definitely reach my goal. So on to the next chapter!

Love Soraya

Glam Slam Choker Necklace

Subtle Seduction Gold Bracelet Bohemian

This version is sold out but I have a smaller version of the Hardware Tribal Necklace

Head Chain Gaia

Body Chain Empire

Cross my Heart bracelet

Body Chain Geometric

Ear Cuff Leafs a Charm

12 May, 2013

Story of my Life: Mother's Day 2013

Orchids, Lily's, Suriname Roses and Faya Lobi

The flowers in the picture above are from my mom's garden in Suriname. Every morning at 6 AM sharp she will make her rounds through her garden, checking if everything is OK wondering which animal made her a visit in the night. And as she strolls down the paths she selects the flowers that are almost finished flowering and makes the most beautiful bouquet for the living room.
I love these morning strolls the air is moist and the plants are all shimmery from the dew. As she takes a sip from her cup of tea she explains all the different plants and their families to me and how one connects to the other. The atmosphere is peaceful until you hear the neighbor's rooster who's making sure of it that everybody will rise and shine.

I know my mom is reading this as she always reads my blog and comments very elaborate   :) thanks mom
But I want you to know mom that I love you and you don't have to miss me that much anymore because................drum ruffle.......
You will be seeing me next week!
Yes after almost a year we will be reunited cause we're heading to Suriname and I'm very happy to tell you that on this day 

Happy Mother's Day
 and to all the Mothers out there Thank you

Love Soraya

PS I'll be sending you my list of things I would like to eat ;) hihi

10 May, 2013

Sponsored post: Bourjois Anniversary giveaway

For the dutchies, next time worldwide :)

 Bourjois NL is hosting a give away to celebrate their 150th anniversary. You get the chance to win a nail art set of  € 108,-

Follow the instructions in the box and I will keep you posted. 

PS the winner of the last giveaway Aveda Stress-Fix Soaking Salts is....

 Thank you and you will receive your package soon.

X Soraya 

Here is the history you need to find one of the 15 nail polishes:

06 May, 2013

F For Fashion: Magda Frackowiak for Vogue Japan May issue

Feeling this tropical vibe! Reminds me of home...
*My mind is totally on vacation mode* 
And Yes I've put the photos extra large on your screen just so you can soak it all in...
animal prints, kick ass colors and of course accessories to the Max... all in true tropical style
Can you feel the sun...
what are your plans for this summer?

Giampaolo Sgura (Photographer)
Anna Dello Russo (Fashion Editor/Stylist)
Andrew Guida (Hair Stylist)
Jessica Nedza (Makeup Artist)
Piergiorgio Del Moro (Casting Director)

02 May, 2013

Item de SOYL: Plastic JWLZ Hama beads




DIY: Plastic Jewellery with Hama/ Perler Beads

Hi Loves
 Here is a new DIY, this time with Hama plastic beads. The beads really bring back some memories from my childhood. The concept is still the same but you can easily tune the design up with a more sophisticated touch.

Lets get started
You will need:

Plastic Iron Beads (Hama or Perler; you can find them at any Toy store)
Piece of baking paper
Hardware; metal rings/ earring base/ ring base (Craft shop)
Super Glue
Embellishments like studs and spikes

1. Make a sketch of your design
2. Arrange the beads and colors as you like
3. Iron the beads with the baking paper on top of your design
4. Ensemble your components
5. Provide them with the necessary hardware like the earring base or rings to hang your necklaces on
6. Embellishment TIME:
White/Black/Gold is my favourite color combination so I used the triangle studs to give my jwlz the modern touch.
7. Slide your necklace threw the rings of your design
For the Earrings and rings make sure your design is in the center of the base.
8. Et Voila
You have your own collection of plastic JWLZ





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