24 April, 2013

Story of Life: Aveda Earth Month Pop Up experience & Win Aveda Stress-Fix

Hi Loves,

I have some news for you about the Earth Month. Some of you may know this but if you missed it. Instead of one  day (the 22th of April) the whole month of April has the focus on helping our Earth with her environmental issues. Aveda is one of those brands that continuesly tries to raise awareness for different environmental projects all over the world.  It's a cosmetics brand with high quality products for hair and skin. The products consist of organic ingredients and are manufactured with 100% wind energy. Totally green!

Every year Aveda has an event called the Aveda Eart Month and this year Aveda introduces the Earth Month Pop Up experience; a mobile service to relieve you from your daily stress and all for a good cause. We like that!  
You can relax and sip a cup of tea while having a true Aveda massage ritual in exchange for voluntary donations. 100% of the proceeds go to the Global Fund Grants Green.
And if you like to donate more, you can purchase the Light the Way Candle for € 15,- or the organic AVEDA Earth Month Shopper for € 3,50.


Sounds great huh!

Now for the Earth Month Game...

Throughout the whole month of April the Aveda bus will drive through the Netherlands visiting 9 locations. If you can guess all nine location you get the chance to win a really cool kit worth € 90,- from the Aveda Stress-Fix line. To find the clues for the location you can visit the Aveda Facebook page. If you want to know where the next stop is I've got a new clue right here...

 But wait! As a reader of the SOYL blog you also have the oppurtunity to win the Stress-Fix Soaking Salts (€41,50) Made to release some stress with the sweet aroma of lavandin, clary sage and french lavender.
The only thing I would like you to do is drop a note on how you think we could contribute to the environmental issues in our daily lives.
And of course; don't forget your name and email adress.

One of the projects that was sponsored solely by the profits of the Light the Way Candles. Clean Water Saves Lives.

Kids living in Madagascar drank water from a dirty, crocodile-infested river. The pictures they drew for our Earth Month campaign show you how their lives were changed when they got a safe community water source closer to home.- AVEDA


  1. This sounds nice :) I have tried their products before and they work good x
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  2. Hi! This sounds great!

    I think saving water is a very important thing to do to contribute to a better preserved earth. Not only that, it is a way to realise how lucky we are for having unlimited access to clean, fresh water while others do not. Here's some tips how:

    - Turn off the shower when you don't need it (when putting shampoo in your hair or shaving your legs - before rinsing them off with water of course;)
    - Put a bottle of water in your fridge; this way you always have cold water and you dont need to spill the extra water waiting for the tap to get cold.
    - Flush less often. I know this sounds pretty gross but if you drink a lot and go to the bathroom often, with a waste of 6 liters of water per flush, it might not sound so wrong to flush every other go.
    - While we're at it, more gross stuff: pee while you are showering! You rinse it off right away and you don't need to flush a toilet (or toilet paper..)

    Hope I havent scared you off with those last two gross (but hopefully helpfull) tips, haha.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Anne! No not at all! You have some great tips and ok I'll admit the last ones are a bit out of my comfort zone but never the less veryyy valuable!
      Thank You for your tips and you will hear from me soon.

      X Soraya


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