20 April, 2013

Beauty Aspects: Chinoiserie Cherry Blossom Porcelain Nails

Chinoiserie is a western definition for the expression of Chinese Style in objects. Round the 18th century Art and Fashion was highly influenced by the Chinese culture. Prints and styles were copied and made global. The Rococo style was booming back then and the almost fairy tale like images of the Chinese Art fitted perfectly in this style. The Dutch based their "Delft's Blue" on the designs of Chinese porcelain. Typical for the Chinoiserie are the images of flowers and birds in soft pastel colors or bright radiant like sapphire green and golds.

Now back to the nails. Inspired by the style I made nails with cherry blossoms, a bird and a butterfly.

I used:
Base: Light Blue// Teez 
Dark Brown// Opi Express you Style
Arts: White// Essence Tip Painter
Beige/Light Pink/Old Pink// Bourjois
Yellow/ Chanel Mimosa
Top: So Matt// Bourjois

Tools: tiny brush of the Tip painter and a toothpick

1. First up choose your pastel base color. I've chosen for a light blue color that reminded me of the modeling paint at the art classes from high school. 
2. Ok now the branch. For the branch I used a tiny small brush its called tip painter from Essence. For the dutchies; Very cheap, you can buy it at your local Kruidvat store.  Set your fingers close to each other and try to make one branch for your nails. This way all the nails have a separate design, but still one story.
 3. So next the art. Before you start its best if you use a sheet of paper or plastic to put drops of nail polish on. This is also easy for mixing new colors. The color white is best for the first layer, your sketch.
 I wanted some animals but you can start with just the flowers. The animals are made with the tip painter and for the flowers I used a toothpick. The flower method is easy; dip the toothpick in your color and make 4 dots in the shape of a flower. The branch also need some buds so don't forget to put single dots at the end of the branches, this makes it more realistic.
4. When your done and you like the sketch, add some drops of color to highlight your design. I used the pinks and yellow. Make sure the first layer is completely dried up.
5.For the top coat I used a matte nail polish for the Chinese porcelain effect.
To make you design pop more, you can use a fine liner. This is also perfect to hide some mistakes.

Et Voila You're done.

Hope you like it! Let me know what you think.
Have a lovely weekend



  1. That is absolutely gorgeous. You did an amazing job! I thought the design was going to be the same for each nail, but I think it's so much better that they form a continuous picture of branches!


  2. Those are so cool! I wish I had the time and patience to do that with my Even with a tutorial, I'd still mess it up
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  3. Gorgeous! If I had the patience and the skills to draw like this I would do it too! x

  4. cant wait to have a try!
    these pastel stuffs are so attractive!



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