20 March, 2013

Qtie Team: Testpanel 100% Natural Linseed/ Flaxseed Hair Gel

Meet my Qtie team: These are my nieces:
Milou 8 jr Lois 7 jr and little Isis of 3 years.
Lois & Isis are sisters and the daughters of my big sis Vanessa.
Milou is the daughter of my other sis Sharon.
 They make me psycho sometimes but I still love them to though.

Well let's test the Gel!

First up Milou, she has hair type 3b/3c.. I think
It's very curly but also frizzy and as soon as she stretch her hair it stays stretched and the curls don't return.
Until you wet her hair again.

Before: Fresh washed hair

Divide the hair in sections and add the Gel from root to end.

Before & After pics

After: Hair is still a bit wet...

Result: The curls have way more definition and are still soft and bouncy.

Next Up Isis!
Isis has type 3a/3b hair. It's thinner then Milou's hair but still very curly.

Before & After pics

Her curls with the Gel

Result: The frizziness is gone in the front, the Gel is a very good edge control. The curls are also more defined.

And last but not least Lois.
She has type 2a/1 hair. With thick hair strands from root to end.

Before & After pics

All dried up

Result: The Gel leaves a smooth soft surface with a little shine. Great for a high pony tail.

 Thank You Girls
You are the best models evurrr Till next time!



  1. Dit is echt prachtig! Mooie meiden. En goed om te zien hoe de gel op verschillende haartypen werkt! Leuk gedaan!

    1. Dankje Aisha! Ja toch dacht dat het wel handig zou zijn. Thanks voor de feedback X

  2. Wat een mooie nichtjes heb je! De gel werkt erg goed, ga het zelf ook eens proberen op mijn krullen:)

    1. Dankjewel! Jah he je moet zeker proberen! Vet goed en cheap.

  3. GORGEOUS girls! That gel is really great. Love the effect on the first set of curls. Just so beautiful.

    Kate from Clear the Way


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