26 March, 2013

Street Style: Tokio Fashion Week

20 March, 2013

Beauty Aspects: DIY 100% Natural Hair Gel Linseed/ Flaxseed Style

I write a monthly DIY for, a cool site for tips and tricks on hair and fashion.
Totally inspired I decided to do this Hair DIY.

Flaxseed also known as Linseed has a lot of benefits for your hair. You can use the oil or make a Gel to maintain your natural hair.
The gel is for all hair types especially for those of us who want to refine our natural texture. It enhances the curl pattern and leaves the hair moisturized and shiny.
Sounds great huh. 
Well let's give it a try shall we...

You will need:
 Linseed/ Flaxseed dark brown or light golden (de Tuinen)
  air tight container for your homemade Hair Gel (Action)
some stockings (Hema)
a large bowl
wooden spoon
option: Your favorite natural oil or fragrance (de Tuinen/ Hair Shop)

Pour 1/4 of a cup Linseed and 2 cups of water in your pan.
Or if you like your Gel a bit thicker you can use 1/2 cup of Linseed.

Qtie Team: Testpanel 100% Natural Linseed/ Flaxseed Hair Gel

Meet my Qtie team: These are my nieces:
Milou 8 jr Lois 7 jr and little Isis of 3 years.
Lois & Isis are sisters and the daughters of my big sis Vanessa.
Milou is the daughter of my other sis Sharon.
 They make me psycho sometimes but I still love them to though.

Well let's test the Gel!

First up Milou, she has hair type 3b/3c.. I think
It's very curly but also frizzy and as soon as she stretch her hair it stays stretched and the curls don't return.
Until you wet her hair again.

Before: Fresh washed hair

Divide the hair in sections and add the Gel from root to end.

Before & After pics

After: Hair is still a bit wet...

Result: The curls have way more definition and are still soft and bouncy.

Next Up Isis!
Isis has type 3a/3b hair. It's thinner then Milou's hair but still very curly.

Before & After pics

Her curls with the Gel

Result: The frizziness is gone in the front, the Gel is a very good edge control. The curls are also more defined.

And last but not least Lois.
She has type 2a/1 hair. With thick hair strands from root to end.

Before & After pics

All dried up

Result: The Gel leaves a smooth soft surface with a little shine. Great for a high pony tail.

 Thank You Girls
You are the best models evurrr Till next time!


13 March, 2013

Beauty Aspects: Chain Reaction Nail tutorial

Yes its chain chain chain all the way after the spikes its the next best thing for me so logically I want them also on my nails! The pictures speak for themselves but one thing you really do need is nail glue to attach the chains on your nails. I thought I was smart with the nail liner polish but after an hour they were already in my hair and on my clothes *sigh*
 Uuh and for the chains, you need the smallest size you can find and the links need to be flat and oval.
 As you can see I'm still in my comfy days, loving the baggy cozy stuff.


09 March, 2013

Style Inspiration

05 March, 2013

F For Fashion: Harper's Bazaar welcomes you to Spring 2013

01 March, 2013

Give Away Winners

Hi Loves

Good News! Their are no losers for this give-away only winners. Jup everyone who picked her favorite Card Bracelet will receive one!
 Aleyna Yilmaz, Lavinka, Fashion Dubrovnik, Janice Lunes
& Amy Villevoye
Thank you all for the feedback and participating!
I'm curious to hear your thoughts on your new bracelets.

If you left your email in the comment box you will receive a message soon, if not please email me to

Thank you again


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