14 February, 2013

SHOPSOYL: New In & Give-Away

Hi Loves,

I have something New for you in the shop.
Gift Card Bracelets; sets of bracelets with quotes or a funny story.
The sets come in three styles Glam Slam, The Bohemian Traveler and Rock Nation.

Hope you like it because to celebrate this I'm hosting another Give-Away!!
Here and on the FBpage

If you want to enter you have to be a follower on the blog or the Facebook page

What to do ....

Choose one set of bracelets in your style  
Leave a note or comment with your Name and Email address on the blog
and Let me know why you like it

-That's all Folks-

The Give-Away will end 

28th of February 


For every style I will choose one winner

Good Luck


  1. Hi! I have been following you on BL and liked the post, and I'm hoping on winning the Bohemian Traveler Love not War Bracelet Set! I can totally picture myself wearing that one, all day, everyday, because hey, make love, not War!
    Also wanted to say that these are some seriously cute bracelets, had a hard time picking one!

    I like the Bohemian set because it is really me, the colours, the peace and feather signs, the Bohemian style, all of it is from my fav. street of fashion!

    My e-mail adress is

    1. Hi Aleyna! Auh girl thank you! I like that one too!! I'm putting you on the list.
      Thank you for taking the time love your comment X

  2. dear soraya,
    i've just discovered your blog, and i honestly have to say that i fell in love with it. your DIY-posts are like crazy good. i've decided to follow you via bloglovin and liked this post on bloglovin.
    i would love to win the Bohemian Traveler Free Access Bracelet Set. The things that I love about this set are that it's so filigree. The colors of the bracelets are amazing and the most importmant reason for me is the key. Finally i moved into my own flat and for me, the key is a symbol for that.
    Lots of love,

  3. Hi Lavinka!
    First off let me congratulate you on your own place! It's the best feeling ever right!
    Thank you for entering the give-away and following the blog. I love the fact that the bracelets have a special meaning for you.
    I've just put you on the list.
    X Soraya

  4. i LOVE jewelery with message, and from these here, I love Rock Nation Wild & Free Bracelet Set because that is the message that goes with me during my life. And not just that, evan without reading the message, that's the jewelery set I like the most. So, that's definitely made for me :)
    Thanks for this opportunity


    1. Hi Tea!Me too! Yes I love that one too! We're Helle Free, Free & Wild of course:D
      I'm putting you on the list girl X Soraya

  5. You have a beautiful blog dear!
    xx00 from Spain.

  6. Cool post, I love your blog. I'm your newest follower. Love, Jaimie

    1. Hi Jamie thank you for following! Just saw your blog was some awesome shizz following back X Soraya

    2. Love these bracletets !

      my favorite is The Bohemian Traveler ! :)

      my email is:

      I will add you on Facebook too ;)

      Good luck to everyone else !!

  7. Really nice giveaway and you have an amazing blog! Would you think about following each other?



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