28 January, 2013

Home Edition: Jewellery storage

Some inspiration

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22 January, 2013

Event: SOYL at Modefabriek 2013

Hi Lovessss

The wait is finally over! I sold my jewellery this weekend at the Fashion Trade Show Modefabriek in Amsterdam. It's was a lil bit hectic in the beginning because of the snow and the delay but we managed and it turned out to be an awesome event. All sorts of fashionistas and business peeps gathered around to explore the new trends for winter 2013. Let me show you our section at the event. The theme was Dracula's Bride and it was amazing with vintage wedding gowns hanging from the ceiling and a live violin player to enhance the drama.

Meet Nadine my girl and big help at the event.. looking innocent and all but be careful she bitesss  

Our lil'section  

My neighbours from Topanga Feathers were looking Boho Fabulous as ever
 keeping the Ibiza spirit alive

Nadine is rocking the Ear Cuff Chain Bullet and my Teeth Coral Necklace Design

The DJ's For the Day were blowing up the speakers 

Loving the statement necklace and burgundy color on Blogger  Demi of SCREAM

Vintage Wedding dresses waiting to get a black paint bath

Present from Nadine Yayyy Opi Pink Yet Lavender by Mariah Carey
hmmm I feel a Nail tutorial coming up...

Turn it UP UP UP


some practice first

And Let's Go

Customer from Spain with the Chain Necklace design

03 January, 2013

StreetStyle Worldwide

New York






Photos are taken by Phil Oh of

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