04 December, 2012

New In: Shop SOYL collection plus Give-Away

Jeej finally finished! I'm very happy to show you the new designs I added to the shop hope you like them. Because.. drumruffles... as a celebration for finally having a sort of cohesive collection I'm doing a Give-Away! So go on and check out what you like and maybe you will be the lucky winner before the year ends. The body chains are not included in this contest... for now.
Oh and the only thing you need to do is leave a comment and let me know which item you liked the most and why. The give-away will be till the 14th of December.
Thank you All for your Support and Inspiration


  1. Love them!! I would like to win the first one ;) with the feathers

  2. wow good u! this accessories are amaz!!! follow u on gfc wanna follow back? giulia

  3. Oeh leuke giveaway! Ik vind de earcuffs wel erg leuk. Ik zoek al tijden mooi gouden earcuffs deze zou ik wel graag winnen. :)

  4. Even though I'm absolutely in love with bodychains for the moment (I'm going to try a DIY soon) I also love earcuffs. I love these because they're classy, and that's hard to do with a piece that's normally an edgy thing. I love gold, I love the white detail, I love these earcuffs!


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