24 December, 2012

DIY: Spike and Chain Headband

Ever since I cut my hair I'm addicted to these beauties. It's easy, inexpensive and a different look for every occasion.  So I thought about doing a DIY to share with you. 

You will need
Needle & thread
Ribbons/ Trims/ Chains/ Studs/ Spikes

First up the measurements. Measure your ribbon or chain around your head, line it up and leave a gap of approximately 10 cm open for your elastic. 

If you want to embellish your ribbon now is the time. I'm going for a spikey headband. The spikes are 5 cm apart. Make sure you leave at least 6 cm at the ends of your ribbon.

Now for the elastics. Cut the elastic in 16 cm strands and knot it. To cover the knot you need a 2 cm piece of ribbon and hand sew it over the knot. You can also glue it.

Last part. Take your ribbon and hand sew the ends to your elastic.

Et Voila You're done


Look around for some old necklaces, ribbons and stones and create a new accessory

Are you inspired? Share yours!
Have Fun 

20 December, 2012

Beauty Aspects: Ombre Glitter nails Holiday edition

I also did this in a silver version

Check it out here Ombre Glitter Nails

Give-Away Winners

Yes winners not winner, because I'm all in the giving spirit of Christmas I decided that to you all can be winners so Aisha, Marthe and Soraya send me an email to and collect your price!
Thank you for entering

07 December, 2012

DIY: Wool Poncho Vest

This is probably the simplest DIY I evurrr made and you can see it as a basis for your own unique design. It takes some measuring but no glue or sewing.
You can use a different fabric or add leather trims and spice it up. Play with the measurements and make a longer version or if you’re handy with the sewing machine you can even make some sleeves for the vest.

1. You need some fabric, scissors, ruler and a bright crayon
2. For the armholes:
Lay your fabric like on the picture
Now measure 55 cm to the right and 30 cm down
Make a dot with your crayon
From that dot make a 20 cm line downwards and make a second dot.
Make a line from dot one to two.
Now measure from the first dot 40 cm to the right
and do the same for the right armhole.
Cut both lines with your scissors and you have your armholes.
3. Fashionise your garment


I used the same design last year for this poncho and added some faux fur. Let me know what you think and I want to see yours for sure!

04 December, 2012

New In: Shop SOYL collection plus Give-Away

Jeej finally finished! I'm very happy to show you the new designs I added to the shop hope you like them. Because.. drumruffles... as a celebration for finally having a sort of cohesive collection I'm doing a Give-Away! So go on and check out what you like and maybe you will be the lucky winner before the year ends. The body chains are not included in this contest... for now.
Oh and the only thing you need to do is leave a comment and let me know which item you liked the most and why. The give-away will be till the 14th of December.
Thank you All for your Support and Inspiration

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