14 October, 2012

Beauty Aspects: Art Deco Nail Art

Remember those old 3D postcards made out of paper figures and scrap book stickers from Grandma's days, well these stickers still come in "handy" for us. Literally Hah! You can use them on your nails. I found these at a local Arts & Craft Store and love the Art Deco style. Simple, chiq, cheap and easy, my favorite words. Check it out.

I love the nails at this point but what is Art Deco without some gold. Liquid gold of course! This one is from the winter collection of Bourjois. I love the shimmering effect only thing is that the brush is wide so it's easy for a quick polish but difficult for Nail Art. But you can easily use a Nail Art brush or toothpick for that matter. 

 Just a little bit 

And of course I went overboard and added some black to the mix. Like it this way but LUV them more with just the black and white. Don't forget to finish your nails with several layers of Top Coat. Have Fun!

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  1. cute! just bought 3 new nail polishes today, i'm doing black matte and colorful metallics at the moment.



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