03 September, 2012

DIY: Spike it UP Part 1

So I was going to call this DIY T-REX IT you know like the T of tee-shirt with the Rex like a dino with spikes, but what do you know the T-Rex had no spikes and it's actually the Dacentrurus who had the spikes but ok I'm going way to far with this dino stuff! Back to the DIY

It's a bit on the dark side this one but I like it, it's not too much and still makes a statement. Hah I totally freaked my boyfriend out when I walked in. And don't worry when you sit down the spikes turn downwards. If you want the spikes to stand out more you need to strengthen the fabric with a strip of extra fabric glued or sewed on the back. But it's more naturally when the spikes face down, very animalistic. The spikes are 3 cm long and come with screws. Tip: make tiny wholes with a needle, don't make them to big cause you will be loosing some spikes.

T-Shirt H&M
Jeans Guess

ps. Check out Part 2 Next
and this Thursday will be the opening of the shop! I'm very excited and busy with the preps. 
Keep you posted


-oh yeah dem rolls-


  1. Fantastic DIY, I really love studs and spikes!

  2. :D Dankje! Thank You I'm obsessed with everything spikey and studded!

  3. oh MY MY!!
    Were so on the same wave length with the spikes. i just need to find a good supplier.


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