30 September, 2012

Beauty Aspects: New Hair Cut

As the cold is scheming in our little country and the sun is hiding behind misty grey skies filled with rainy clouds we are all thinking to make some drastic changes. I also have some changes in mind and I'm not talking about the usual wardrobe changes. Nope, for me, autumn stands for some brand new hair styles. I wanted it shorter this time and I just cant get enough of the ombre trend of last year. So what better way than to combine the two.  X

25 September, 2012

Street Style: Milan Fashion Week Spring 2013

Photographed by Phil Oh of Vogue & Diego Zuko of Harper's Bazaar

12 September, 2012

Outfitpost: Draped Sarong skirt DIY

Top// made by me
Skirt// DIY

10 September, 2012


The waiting is over I'm finally online with my goodies. Thank you all for the support and Love!
And Charona Alyssa for being my gracious Hand slash Ear-model. 

This is just the beginning. More to come soon.


05 September, 2012

DIY: Spike it Up Part 2

I'm loving the fact that you can put the phone in tilt-mode because of the spikes. Very easy for messaging and gaming.  The spikes have some weight so I suggest you use a very light material like aluminium or even plastic if you can find it. Have Fun!


04 September, 2012

Beauty Aspects: Neon Pink Nails

Probably the cheapest nailpolish around but really the only one with a true neon glow you can find in NL
and believe me I've searched


03 September, 2012

DIY: Spike it UP Part 1

So I was going to call this DIY T-REX IT you know like the T of tee-shirt with the Rex like a dino with spikes, but what do you know the T-Rex had no spikes and it's actually the Dacentrurus who had the spikes but ok I'm going way to far with this dino stuff! Back to the DIY

It's a bit on the dark side this one but I like it, it's not too much and still makes a statement. Hah I totally freaked my boyfriend out when I walked in. And don't worry when you sit down the spikes turn downwards. If you want the spikes to stand out more you need to strengthen the fabric with a strip of extra fabric glued or sewed on the back. But it's more naturally when the spikes face down, very animalistic. The spikes are 3 cm long and come with screws. Tip: make tiny wholes with a needle, don't make them to big cause you will be loosing some spikes.

T-Shirt H&M
Jeans Guess

ps. Check out Part 2 Next
and this Thursday will be the opening of the shop! I'm very excited and busy with the preps. 
Keep you posted


-oh yeah dem rolls-

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