21 August, 2012

Event: Lowlands Etsy Bazar part 2

Hi Lovessss * sigh * Finally Lowlands 2012 has come to an end and it was a huge succes. Now I can breathe again :D The three days were crazy, imagine 50.000 people in one place for 3 days with music by artists like Santigold and Foo Fighters under a 33 °C burning sun, oh yeah it was more then HoT. And to some sudden changes I had to manage my stand  all by myself so it was a bit chaotic for me in the beginning but luckily I had some great help from my neighbours, artist Ageetha from Pixelpolly  and the girls from Topanga with their boho feather extensions.
 I wasn't allowed to bring my camera but I did manage to shoot some photos on the last day of LL '12 Check them out..

Customers with the SOYL Bodychains 

 & HeadChains

p.s. I will be officially launching my Etsy site fully updated with new items the 1st of September so stay tuned!!! 

Some more stuff I was selling on LL '12


  1. Exciting I can't wait to see what you stock in your store! This looks like a fun event.

  2. Here's what it looks like when I'm not filthy and sweaty! :)

  3. I love the necklaces!

    Hugs Hugs !

  4. Dankje :D het was zwaar en zeker de moeite waard! Will do it again in a heartbeat, but plus one haha X


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