27 August, 2012

Home Edition: Triangle Pins

Brass components for your home from
 The Winsomebrave, Brooklyn based Design Studio founded by designers Valerie and Annie
Love these for just that clean slash elegant touch on your walls


26 August, 2012

Weekend: Lazy Sunday


21 August, 2012

Event: Lowlands Etsy Bazar part 2

Hi Lovessss * sigh * Finally Lowlands 2012 has come to an end and it was a huge succes. Now I can breathe again :D The three days were crazy, imagine 50.000 people in one place for 3 days with music by artists like Santigold and Foo Fighters under a 33 °C burning sun, oh yeah it was more then HoT. And to some sudden changes I had to manage my stand  all by myself so it was a bit chaotic for me in the beginning but luckily I had some great help from my neighbours, artist Ageetha from Pixelpolly  and the girls from Topanga with their boho feather extensions.
 I wasn't allowed to bring my camera but I did manage to shoot some photos on the last day of LL '12 Check them out..

Customers with the SOYL Bodychains 

 & HeadChains

p.s. I will be officially launching my Etsy site fully updated with new items the 1st of September so stay tuned!!! 

Some more stuff I was selling on LL '12

13 August, 2012

Event: Lowlands Etsy Bazar

Hi loves! It has been a while but I bring good news.. oh yes for those of you who follow my blog know the Item de SOYL-posts, for those who don't, it's where I present my own designed jewellery and clothing... and I'm so happy to say that I've finally taken that next step in opening a small business starting with a tiny etsy shop .. but that's not all.. the great news is yet to come.. I will be attending the Etsy BAZAR at the Lowlands Fesitval.. for all the non-dutchies.. this is a huge festival in the netherlands kinda like Coachella in the US.. Oh man so excited and I'm preparing and designing a lot of stuff.. the Bazar will be there for the 3 days of the festival, so if you're gonna rock it out at Lowlands don't forget to stop by my booth... and if not I will open my Etsy shop next week with the items I'm selling like my hardware-necklaces and all kind of body/hand/head-chains... so fun fun fun.. keep ya posted


BodyChain// SOYL
 Dress// Cos

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