03 June, 2012

Vaykay Journal: Endless Summer Suriname

Remember the quick get-away I was talking about.. my boyfriend and I where indecisive on where to go this summer …but within 24 hours we made the  decision, hopped on the plain and flew 8 hours to .. (drumruffles).. Suriname!
Suriname? Jup .. my Home country…  in South America above Brazil… with no more then half a million people but still a massive diversity in cultures,
you can find the best of all worlds in food, fashion and culture.
Both our mothers live here and we needed an energie boost so where else to go then to the place where you grew up. My  mom’s place is still in the making exually.. but it’s already incredible.. she has a huge botanical garden and ducks and gooses for sale at her lil’farm.


 On arrival we got to meet  a new member to the family well at least temporarily.. meet Moo Moo.. he  is a Kwatta monkey (Spidermonkey) all the way from the Jungle … it’s a sad story his mother got killed by poachers.. and he was taken captured, then  sold and put in a box in a plain to Paramaribo (capital of Su)
Luckily in the plain, brave Moo Moo got out of the box, put his tiny  hand on the shoulder of the captain  who  totally freaked out of course because he thought he was alone in the cabin.. He then took Moo Moo home but didn’t know what to do.. he heard about my mother and her farm so now Moo Moo stays with her until he can go back to the Jungle.

For now I’ll leave you  with these beautiful pictures and I will keep you posted...


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  1. Gorgeous! That is so cool! You have a bit of spanish & caribbean sabor LOVE IT!

  2. wow, such a paradise there, you are lucky to come from such a beautiful country
    i love your blog
    maybe we could follow each other
    have a sunny day

  3. This is sooooo beautiful!! I love travelling but for now only with my parents :/ And can't wait to visit places like this! I found you on fashiolista and left you a comment there :)

  4. I love those two silver necklaces! Anything silver I have to have right now!

  5. OMG Suriname looks like a hidden gym, it's freaking gorgeous!


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