22 June, 2012

C.I.Y : Bamboo Clutch

Inspired by the jungles of Suriname I came up with this bamboo clutch, 100% natural and just the right accesorry to add some tropical vibes to your outfit.


 If you like the clutches, leave a comment with your name and email-address and I will do a give-away!
Two winners will be picked on the 2nd of july.


Item de SOYL: Draped Dress

Hi Loves! Sorry for the lack of posting Surinam was more intense then I could ever imagine.
Between the family visits and sight seeing, it became a constant trip down memory lane. 
But I'm back and inspired to the fullest, first off a new dress design, I needed a dress that was comfortable but still feminine. And a C.I.Y Create it Yourself project.
 I call it C.I.Y because it's more then embellishing an object, it's like transforming one object/fabric to a totally different one.. much like creating.. 
I will change it up with the D.I.Y's every now and then. 
Have Fun


03 June, 2012

Outfitpost: Palm Garden

Vaykay Journal: Endless Summer Suriname

Remember the quick get-away I was talking about.. my boyfriend and I where indecisive on where to go this summer …but within 24 hours we made the  decision, hopped on the plain and flew 8 hours to .. (drumruffles).. Suriname!
Suriname? Jup .. my Home country…  in South America above Brazil… with no more then half a million people but still a massive diversity in cultures,
you can find the best of all worlds in food, fashion and culture.
Both our mothers live here and we needed an energie boost so where else to go then to the place where you grew up. My  mom’s place is still in the making exually.. but it’s already incredible.. she has a huge botanical garden and ducks and gooses for sale at her lil’farm.


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