22 May, 2012

Item de SOYL: Coral Necklace

Light turquoise sea, white shimmering sands and pieces of coral drifting onshore...   this necklace is inspired by my walks along the beach of the Dominican trying to find pieces of bleached coral and shells to take with me as a reminisce of the Island vibes...with my boyfriend huffing and puffing behind me cuz the sun is too hot...

Pff *I need a Quick Get-Away Fix* but where to? What are your plans for the SUMMER of 2012...


p.s Whole outfit incl. shoes ZARA except the Neon Bra H&M

20 May, 2012

Beauty Aspects: Glitter Ombre Nail DIY

Oh mannn finally saved up the money for my new camera after a lot of searching and comparing I've chosen for the Nikon D5100. It's really a breathe of fresh air and I'm so excited to do more Item-posts and DIY's for you all!
Well let's start with this one. I'm crazyyy for embellishments on accessories like bags, shoes, jewellery, the Bigger the Better. My nails are no exception to this, think it's in my DNA. So when I saw these Nail Art Toppers of Essence as cheap as they are I bought them all. From Left to right: Hello Holo// Circus Confetti// Disco Disco
They are exually top coats but I loved the combination of the small glitters with the XL ones for the DIY.
 My favourite is the Circus Confetti, it's like a Brazilian Carnaval on your nails,but that's for next time. 
Party it Up

14 May, 2012

New Event: project


Take a photo of your daily life and share it on 15th of May with the world. 


Because you love taking pictures of yourself and even more viewing other peoples lives from around the world.


 Initiative by the Swedish non-profit foundation Expressions of Humankind and everybody can enter

so Why again?

Because your daily Life is a part of a much bigger picture damnit


Are you game?

13 May, 2012

Lazy Sunday: Inspiration

Planet Blue

Oh and don't forget to spoil your mum
Happy Mum's day To all your loving mothers out there!!!

11 May, 2012

Thank God It's Friday: Weekend

 OFF from Work//School//WeekLife
 ON to the WeekEnd

10 May, 2012

Outfitpost: Vintage Skirt DIY


Army Coat GStar//Skirt Vintage//Top Mango//Necklace my design SOYL

08 May, 2012

Street Style: Australia Fashion week


04 May, 2012

F for Fashion: Arlenis Sosa

03 May, 2012

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