08 April, 2012

Lazy Sunday: Easter

Feeling very Artsy Tartsy on this lovely Sunday morning (well lovely untill I opened my curtains and saw that is was SnOwiNg here in Munich.. in April.. for Easter weekend...on This Sunday) Oh well... Hope you enjoy your Easter weekend with your family/friends/cats&dogs... and a lot of food of course

Crystal Spike Harnasses by (In)decorous Taste

Dinner Etiquette & Sweet Treats by Scott Newett and Sonia Rentsch

El "B" by Architecture firm Selgascano in Spain

Beverly Semmes Surreal Installations

Dinner Etiquette & Sweet Treats


  1. Nice pictures! I like them all :)
    I like your blog and i follow you :)
    Visit mine

  2. i really like that post, all of these pictures are so inspiring ! <3


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