15 April, 2012

Goldie Oldies: Gianni Versace

-“The house of Versace. It was a big, boisterous, colorful circus of a villa with children running around and maids scurrying and dogs frolicking and supermodels smoking all amid neoclassical statues, marble floors, and animal-print miniskirts. And there at the center of it all was Donatella, shouting at Gianni that ‘the skirts needed to be shorter’ and Gianni laughing and telling her they looked more like belts.”- 
source Voguepedia

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  1. Haha! Leuk! Lekker retro ook. Had nog gereageerd op je berichtje. Je gaf aan je aangemeld te hebben voor de mail. Zorg ook nog even dat je de activatie mail activeert. Anders kan ik je geen e-book sturen ;)




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