28 April, 2012

DIY Tee: Twist Front Shirt

The Twist & Twirl Tee

What ya need:  A Tee that's at least one size bigger at the waist then your normal size or a Loose Fit in your own size like the one I used from the Zara. Some scissors, glue or sewing tools.
Turn the Tee inside out
Cut the sides open
Twirl the fabric two times
 (can be one time but the wrong side of the tee will turn to the front so keep that in mind)
Hand sew/ Glue or seam the sides together  
(make sure that the beginning is securely fastened together and the sides have the same length)
Side mark: Your Tee will become extremely tight-ass at the waist so if you would like a wider version of the Twist & Twirl Tee you should try a fit that's wider from the waist down. Also some extra stretch will help!
Let's Twist & Twirl people!

24 April, 2012

F for Fashion: Liya Kebede

Photographed by Txema Yeste// Wardrobe selected by Juan Cebrian// Red Highlights by Tomohiro Tamashi// Hot Lips by Victor Alvarez 

18 April, 2012

Street Style: COACHELLA 2012

17 April, 2012

Outfitpost: Indigos & Batiks

Hmm Batiks...These were send from Suriname but originally from Indonesia, Java. The fabric is a waxy stiff cotton you can easily fold in to desired shapes, easy to wrap around you like a Sarong, tie it around your head as an Angisa(headpiece)or use it as a scarf. 
The style of the patterns varies per culture but the principle is the same, pure cotton in various colors and patterns symbolising religions/nature/status/emotions 
I love to pare them with indigo jeans and went all the way this time...
Side-note// I'm wearing my boyfriend's clothes Ha he hatesss it but I just Can't-Get-Enough-Of-It... Damn Son
Indigo patterns// Tunisian & Ashanti weaving

15 April, 2012

Goldie Oldies: Gianni Versace

11 April, 2012

Item de SOYL: Hardware Tribal Necklace

09 April, 2012

DIY: Leather Embellished Choker Necklace

It's that Time again... DDDD.I.YYYY
For today I have this Choker Necklace..  I simplified the concept for you in a regular choker design.


Needed to slide that one through I'm sorry.. 

Here is the DIY

First measure out a Cross: Horizontal 13 cm Vertical 21 cm
Mark points A to B at 1,5 cm and points C to D at 5,5 cm
Sketch you innercircle by connecting points B to C all the way around, do the same for your outercircle A to D...
 it is more of an oval, but you know what I mean..
Now cut your paper choker out and cut line A to B open, to fit your design..

Ok looking good... lay it on the leather or other fabric and cut the design out.

Closures: Check out what kind of closures you want.. I did an easy one.. //two wholes and a string//


Embellishments: Use everything you can find .. go for romantic lace and pearls or rock the studs & crystals...Go BUZARK with different chains or keep it simple with a clean cut..

Glue a second model to the back of your choker.. mine became a bit bubbly because of all the studs stud studded...

Have FUN 


08 April, 2012

Lazy Sunday: Easter

Feeling very Artsy Tartsy on this lovely Sunday morning (well lovely untill I opened my curtains and saw that is was SnOwiNg here in Munich.. in April.. for Easter weekend...on This Sunday) Oh well... Hope you enjoy your Easter weekend with your family/friends/cats&dogs... and a lot of food of course

Crystal Spike Harnasses by (In)decorous Taste

Dinner Etiquette & Sweet Treats by Scott Newett and Sonia Rentsch

07 April, 2012

New Vid: Drake ft Rihanna Take Care

Directed by Yoanne Lemoine 

04 April, 2012

Journal: Out & About Amsterdam

Press day SimplyPR; Tried out some products like the Gosh lip marker and had this cute cupcake nail-art done by Mattania, a lovely girl with her own blog where you can find all sorts of nail DIY's...

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