23 March, 2012

DIY: Hand Chain Bracelet

Recycle your jewellery with this easy DIY

What do you need:
Check your Jewellery Box for any old bracelets and necklaces; for chains and charms
Measuretape and a tool for attaching the chains together with loops, I used a scissor ;)

1. Meassure your rings size, bracelet and the lenght of the straight chain that will connect the two.
2. The bracelet needs a closing.
3. For this design I decided to use the clamps also for the decoration, so I can change the charms when ever I feel like it. Decide if you would like it on the ring or on the bracelet, or both!

4. Connect the pieces together with the loops.

Et Voila.. your hand chain bracelet

Update April 2014:

 I make my own hand chain designs including other Lux jwlz
check it here ShopSOYL


  1. gorgeous!! need to have a go at this, I love these hand chains, and even better if I could make my own!

  2. Ziet er gaaf uit! Het is ook mooi fijntjes :)



  3. Pretty!

  4. Hi!
    Just found your blog via Fashiolista and girl I love it. Your blog has such great inspiration. I'm following you now! Hope you will visit my blog and if you like it you can also follow me back! Btw your DIY bracelet is amazing! <3


  5. This DIY is amazing, girl!
    i will definately try this once. I already have some of the items needed as I make jewelry (earrings most of the time.. ;) )

    It was worth it to follow you on Bloglovin..

  6. That is so precious, its so elegant!

    Xx Esther

  7. I found your blog quite interesting and the concern in the blog is really impressive

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