20 December, 2011

I love me some Tommy Ton



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Not for the streets: Dutch Magazine Jackie

Oh sweet sweet Netherlands, the land of the "persvrijheid" meaning....freedom of speech...
Where you can just say or write content which would seem insulting by any other person but still newsworthy enough to publish.
First it was the Dutch politician Wilders, with his theory about burning the Koran and all muslims are pigs..
Now it's Dutch magazine Jackie with an article suggesting the style NiggaBitch .. uhm owk didn't know such style existed let alone call it Niggabitch .. but let's get in to it..
The NiggaBitch  
They have street cred, a ghetto ass and a golden voice. The "good girl gone bad" Rihanna is the ultimate "niggabitch" and loves to show it off. And that means what goes on can come off. If this means being half naked on a podium then so be it.  But the Dutch winters are not the Jamaican, so choose a dress in which  your daughter can withstand minus 10. Not the big sunglasses and porno heels, but tiger print, pink shizzle and all things shiny. Now let's hope she won't beat anyone up in daycare.

18 December, 2011

Style list: Winter Accessoires

Modern Romance Part 2 '11/'12 | Fashiolista
Modern Romance Part 2 '11/'12 | Fashiolista

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06 December, 2011

Outfitpost: SOYL Jacket

Moving In

Good news Loves, I'm planning more and longer stays in the Netherlands. And that means one thing interieur changes for our appartment in Almere near Amsterdam. I'm moving in!
Hubby is staying in Munich due to his work and I'll be working from Amsterdam creating stuff for my first mini collection. I'll be traveling a lot between the two cities so will keep you posted on the Blog.
But first things first selecting what to keep and what to throw away. I'm a bit of a collector of second hand junk as my mother would say but I prefer to call them my vintage treasures..

Here are a few items I found last month on the flee market.. 

Novelty: Booties

Something new: Bronx Wedges

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