21 November, 2011

Heritage: Madame Grès

Every now and then I do this post just to remind myself and hopefully you of all the heritage  the great legends of the past left for us. Posts I did before where from Jean Patou, Maggy Rouf and Elsa Schiaparelli who left us the color "Shocking" neon pink.

 Trends are going in to an extreme, there are no limits and what was first a big faux pas is now applaused for the fact you dare to be different. Every year the same items; the bold colors, romantic laces, ethnic prints, metallic shades and modern cuts but in a different trend. Sometimes I wonder how the days were when fashion was Couture and every customer had their own bustier and you could talk one on one to the designer. Of course this was only for the rich and famous like 0,000001% of the world but ok.... Cristobal Balenciaga stopped with his Couture just before his creations became commercial. Maybe he felt that times were changing... The Gucci group who took over the house in 2001 beg to differ and now the "brand" is mostly known for the bags... Balenciaga would turn in his grave I think.  Mega Stores are an addiction nowadays like H&M and Zara and I feel the need for more exclusiveness and that's why I create.. I hope some day I can make affordable Exclusive items.

So back to Madame Grès....The Sculptor of Couture..

Short Bio

Real name: Germaine Émilie Krebs (1903–1993)
Design House: Grès 1941
Clientele: Duchess of Windsor, Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Dolores del Río
Quotes: “I wanted to be a sculptor. For me, it’s the same thing to work the fabric or the stone”
“I look at the fabric and I touch it. Then I ask myself: ‘What kind of a dress will this turn out to be?’ It’s not a trip, or an inspiration that defines the dress, it’s the fabric.’ “
Famous for: Her technique of draping a 300 cm jersey fabric in a piece of 7 cm wide in the most sophisticated way! For real.
Favourite colour scheme: Black, Ivory, Ecru and Grey

Short Documentary "Story of Madame Gres"


Short Film Ralph Rucci and Madame Grés


  1. Her creations ere breathtaking. Modern cuts but yet timeless pieces. So full of details and yet so simple! Ah, a real pleasure for the eye!
    P.S: I'm gonna steal one of the images for my blog

  2. She was an artist in the true sense of the word!


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