17 October, 2011

Backstage L´Oréal Trophy awards Carré 2011

8 Weeks of preparations, fittings and sewing has come to an end.. I feel surprisingly full of energy and I would do it again in a heart beat.. The whole entourage.. the excitement of being backstage.. anxiously trying to stick some tape on a bustier just seconds before the run.. a model holding her shoe in her hand before she needs to walk because we all know they hurt like hell. These moments are all worth it when you see the models walk over the runway in your creations.. One by one flawless  and within 15 minutes it´s over. Let me show you backstage at the L´Oréal Colour Trophy Awards in Carré Amsterdam.

The Kinki show was divided in two parts, the first part called Push The Button was styled by Iris van Wijhe with dresses of Darryl van Wouw.. Full of Buttons, colours and black contrasting hoops..
Second part is the Theatrical and styled by Sanne en Justine of Collected Styling with  the dresses designed by me SOYL...
Make-up of my part Theatrical was by the hand of  Make-up artist Paul Benjamin
And special thanks to the Hair models Deborah, Samantha, Sara, Linda, Naomi and Merel... who rocked my dresses on the runway and had the guts to colour, cut and shave their hair for the show.


waiting waiting waiting

making sure the dress will stay in place

Iris van Wijhe at work


Make up artist  Paul Benjamin

Hairdresser of Kinki

Deborah with her crazy beautiful hair and she´s rocking it

My models Linda.. Samantha.. Deborah.. Sara.. Naomi and Merel


Merel and her vintage jacket

After the show

Keeping it cool

The End

for this show...

On to the next one X Soraya


  1. wish i could have been there, too! X

  2. deborah looks stunning, love the make-up & hair!



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