30 August, 2011

Designs: Ripped mini skirt

My dear friend Charona was so lovely to be my model for a day. And was rocking the skirt I made! Inspired by the fabric I let the garment speak for itself and just got to it, braiding and crossing it over and over... I kept it simple for the back though...
for the styling we went for colorblocking and styled the mini with her striking blue colbert of the Zara..

23 August, 2011

Outfitpost: Drykorn jacket

Grrrr Lion detail on the back

The reward Burgers from Burgermeester at the Albert Cuyp

I got this jacket over 4 years now at a samplesale and it´s still my favourite, the fit is amazing. In one of my first posts I wrote about Drykorn a German brand which combines tailoring with ready to wear fashion. I love their jackets and coats the most but it´s a bit pricey so I´m hunting down every sale if I get the chance :) Yesterday we were in Amsterdam and decided to get some lunch at Burgermeester, a dutch Burgerrestaurant. I´m always in for a tasty burger especially one that is made wih care.
Bag// Vintage
Jeans// We are Replay
Blouse// Unknown

22 August, 2011

Designs: Navy skirt

Back in NL for 3 weeks for this project I´m working on and it was so gloomy when I arrived.. but this week should be nice. As you may noticed I´m loving the draped skirt right now so I made one in a sheer dark blue fabric and I ruffled the white shirt a bit, hope you can tell.. the photos aren´t that clear. Keep you posted on my adventures in NL and the project!! X Soraya

09 August, 2011

Designs: Stories I´m working on

I´ve been a little absent this days but for a good reason.. creating.... Heres what I´m working on:

Corset// Reasearch for a new project that is coming up I can´t tell any details... ok tiny hint.. long dresses..
Fabric// gift from my mom, she visited me all the way from Suriname South America, the pattern is Indonesian as we call it "Javaans" I´m making a jacket out of it... 
Uuh and the Necklace// is from this little shop in Munich, don´t know the name, they have so many stones and corals in differents sizes and colors. This one was really cool..looks a bit like the teeth of some kind of wild animal....ok now it freaks me out a bit.. but I´m making a necklace out of this one with some gold chains I think....
Keep you posted on the results

X Soraya

03 August, 2011

Young Money: Interview Designer Killian Loddo

I would like to introduce you to Killian Loddo, an emerging talented Designer from France. He finished his bachelor at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam after graduating from the  École Supérieure d’Arts Appliqués in Bourgogne, France.
We met eachother at the Amsterdam Fashion week where he asked me to model for his designs. Killian, originally a graphic designer, has found his way to Fashion with his latest collection of high end scarves. More about his Fashion Fusion and new collection called The Fantastic Goodbuy in the mini interview I did with him.

Where do you find your inspirational energy to create...
It really comes from my daily life desires, and the references that I like that always unconsciously makes me wanted to do something. I need to switch from a medium to another during the research time, wich is basically the all period of my process, helping me to have a broader point of view on my practice getting inspired by sculpture such as paintings, movies ... I could say that my process is closely related to my everyday life, it is endless...
taking intuitively in consideration the landscape of my creation, the whole
set of my experiences, productions, references, tastes ... in time and space.
No matter the project I can not be detached from what I absorb and digest.
 It does not just happen in design but also in the way I set my house, or how I dress ... And come to think of it.. this makes sense, something coherent is building itself despite all this mess!

From graphics to Fashion how do you balance the two..

It´s all connected for me, when I do graphic design I'm inspired by fashion, or art, the aim is different sometimes of course but by maintaining those characteristics of play, sensationalism and immediacy that reflects my tastes it stays connected. I also always have the aim to connect those disciplines at one point, on a piece of clothing in a photoshoot, an installation, it takes more power when you use your language and ideas in different mediums intteracting with eachother.

What is your design signature....

I guess there is something playfull, and mostly something about color, it have to be intriguing and attractive, some friends recognize that what I produce always have a very frenchy feeling, in the references or the mood, that´s a complicated question!

Your scarves are beautiful, what is the story behind the collection...

It started with some hand painted scarves supposed to be made for "public rietveld" a departement of the school Gerrit Rietveld Academie, it was a communication item, but then i started to make a lot of scarves, more and more freely, and It became a collection related to my own visual langage, it took sense suddenly. And I decided to make some really big digital prints that I considered first as paintings, and it became this collection of 4 scarves, displaying some kind of distorted abstract landscape, wich is  specific and strong enough to be combined with a lot of outfits.

Where can we find the collection...

I'm planning to sell them at Colette in Paris, but that is not done yet, however they should be available soon at Frozen Fountain in amsterdam, and probably small creator shops in Paris.

What will the next step be for the Killian Loddo Designlabel..

I'm going to take my time, I though about doing more work connected to fashion before but i didn´t thought it would go so fast, so I'll concentrate on this last collcetion, how to make it visible and interresting in different contexts, for instance the scarves will soon appear in a movie clip I'm doing this summer, and besides that I also  have a full time job in Paris from september with Laurent Fetis so I will take my time. I'm already planning to do another collection of scarves but right now I'm going to have vacation time in the south!
And I have to thank you again Soraya for being such a good model!

                      What do you think of Killian and his new collection let me know!  X Soraya

Obviously excited to wear a Killian Loddo scarve of the Fantastic Goodbuy collection, I love the XL size and the color printing will upgrade your outfit instantly...

Here is some previous work of Killian Loddo, installations and scarves of the Entity collection

Pictures courtesy of Killian Loddo designs
For  informations and contact check out the websites below:
Killian Loddo Website

02 August, 2011



Dress// Cos
Sequined Jumpsuit// Vintage Grey Rose House of Fashion
Croco clutch //Vintage, Noordermarket Amsterdam
Rock hangers// Noordermarket Amsterdam
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