11 July, 2011

Young Money: Womenswear designer Charlotte Kan

For the The Icon Concierge I was invited to an exhibition called Fashion Crusaders at The House Of Rising. The event took place in an area known as the gay party street of Amsterdam. Hosted by Festina Lente Fashion a PR firm, 5 young designers were represented threw design, photography and film.

As I walked in I was welcomed by a small and intimate gathering of Fashion Lovers. DJ Mountain was setting the mode with his tunes. On the walls were the Fashion portraits of the different designers. I had a rendez-vous with one of the designers, Charlotte Kan. She designs contemporary pieces with an edgy cut. She will shoot her S/S 2012 Lookbook at the coming Amsterdam Fashion Week. 
I met her in the area upstairs and we sat down on the comfy benches..

At the coming AIFW you’ll be shooting your Lookbook , what are you most excited about?

Well at the AIFW I have a concept called Play&Pose with 9 Dutch fashion Bloggers wearing my designs. I will be looking for my last member, fashion blogger number 10 in the crowd. What I’m most excited about is when they are all lined up together and seeing all the designs as a collection come together.

The concept Play&Pose sounds cool! Tell me more about it. What made you decide to work with bloggers?

I wanted to explore other ways to show a collection. And it started in 2007 when I asked Elkie Vanstiphout a photographer and singer-songwriter to wear my garments and make fashionable selfportraits.
 Fashion bloggers are a valuable addition to the traditional Fashion media.
They are spontaneous and bring their own personal style. They make by designs accessible.

I can tell that Bloggers are important to you. Do you often use their sense of style in your collection?

Every month I ask a blogger to wear a garment of the collection. I will do this for a year. For me it’s important to give my designs to people and let them use their vision on it.   It’s useful for the creative process to have their suggestions, it’s an interaction.

Where did you get your inspiration for the S/S 2012 Collection?

Bloggers and my intuition, I get inspired by everything around me. It could be a person on the street or a photo of a swimming pool with a reflection of a tree.
Colors that I choose for the collection are the one that appeal to me the most.

Do you have a favorite garment in your collection?

A purple dress, it began with the skirt and bit-by-bit I added more fabric. The end result is a dress you can use as a skirt and vice versa.
I’m truly satisfied if a garment is versatile and still wearable. Over 10 years it’s still relevant for my collection.

I thanked Charlotte for this little one-on-one talk and wished her good luck for the AIFW. Check out her website and Blog 

After the interview I also met two other designers Barbara van der Zanden and Femke Agema. Barbara is a designer whit guts she went from Science to Fashion.  She still uses her study as inspiration though, like her trenchcoat design with build in Solar power system for your Iphone.
The other designer, Femke is also out of the ordinary she has a piece in the collection, which can transform from a backpack to a boat. The collection is inspired by “the end of the world in 2012” theme. How to keep yourself safe and fashionable out in the nature.
Check out their websites  Barbara and Femke  
Both designers are amazing and I will definitely keep you posted! 


Barbara van der Zanden and Charlotte Kan

Play & Pose by Charlotte Kan

Portraits by Barbara van der Zanden
Pictures taken by me

Important! Are you a Blogger living in NL and want to go to the AIFW Downtown, make sure you check out  the Play&Pose by Charlotte and maybe you can become the tenth member :)! 

Check out some Bloggers from the Play&Pose


Name: Raspberry & Rouge (Rebecca)
Photographer: Ralph van Vugt


Name: Marta
Blog: Life of Boheme


Name: Sun Jang
Photographer is Yunji Ko

Photos courtesy of


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