31 July, 2011

Inspirational Sunday

D Efect collection SS 12

Continental bounce by Polish photographer Magda Biernat

Lucas Crogan Aboriginal prints

Nanna van Blaaderen Triangulation Blog 6
Dutch Designer Nanna van Blaaderen

Turban by David Bailey 1965

Castell d’Emporda by Concrete
Parasols designed by Dutch architects Concrete

Living Pod by Ying Gao
Living Pod by Ying Gao
The clothing moves when light is shining on them see the vid below

Footwear by Victoria Spruce
Amazing heels  by Victure Spruce graduate of the Royal college of Art
 Footwear by Victoria Spruce
Footwear by Victoria Spruce

29 July, 2011

Weekend cravings

(via thatkindofwoman)

27 July, 2011

DIY: Draped skirt no glue or sewing Sarong Style

As promised the DIY on the draped skirt.
You´ll be needing 2x your waistline in stretchy fabric. The lenght is up to you, how long do you want your skirt to be? The one displayed is high waisted and is 34 cm long..

Oh and dont worry the skirt won´t fall off ;) I wore mine the whole night during the MINI event! The trick is in the tightness of the skirt that´s why it needs to be a stretchy fabric.

Outfitpost: vintage McM Bag

One of my treasures of my trip to Amsterdam is this vintage McM bag. I got it from Viva Vintage at the Noordermarket for 25 euro´s. What caught my eye was the shape of the bag and the color of course camel matches up to almost everything. And I scored the necklaces at a small Indian store nearby for only 70 c. each.

I matched the bag with a simple oversized blouse of Zara and boyfriend´s jeans shorts of the Replay.
The bag is from Viva Vintage check out their online webshop here

26 July, 2011

Outfitpost: AIFW day 2

Photo taken by Team Peter Stigter

22 July, 2011

Event: I want m▲hr MINI Modeschau Munich

After a week full of Dutch Fashion during the AIFW,  I arrived in Munich yesterday. When I thought  Fashion Week  was over,  I was invited by WelovePR  to the Fashion show of the Munich based designer Patrick Mohr! The event was helt at this amazing location called the Pavillon 21 MINI Opera Space in the heart of Munich. On arrival I noticed  the modern architectural design of the Pavillon which contrasted to the historic buildings.
First up some drinks and hors d'oeuvres and then the doors opened. We entered the space of the event and images of Patrick Mohr were being played on a large white screen. As the music stopped the screen came from the roof and the collection was presented.

The models were walking on a long threadmill and as they were passing by they made synchronous movements. The  collection was presented for men and women. Mohr's signature can be discribed as Avant Garde meets Street.  Inspired by geometrical sillhouettes and patterns the designs were contemporary. Even his logo consist solely out of triangles and squares.
The colors of the collection were neutral with a touch of the shade lemon against strong black in leather. Flowing shredded fabrics were combined with high tailored jackets. Striking was how the men models used the accessory bag and carried it as an backpack. Also the shoes of the last female model were amazing, she walked on nothing but a  cube and a pin for the heels. Patrick Mohr is known for his refreshing look at  everyday fashion, like last year when he presented his collection during BFW on balled models with beards.

20 July, 2011

Outfitpost: AIFW '11

Photos by Hazal and Cana of the Sisters&Sisters Blog last one by Larissa

P.S. I made the top :)

AIFW Style Pictures

19 July, 2011

Event: AIFW favourites 2011

Hi Loves wow it has been too long! I had a busy week covering the AIFW for the  IC and ended the week with the Modefabriek fair in Amsterdam. I met a lot of exciting  bloggers and Fashion people during the events. I even got to model for this amazing French accessory designer called Killian Loddo. It has been my first Fashion Week  and now I'm hungry for more!! I hope to attend this year's Sweden Fashion week but till then check out my coverage on my favourite fashion shows during this year's Amsterdam Fashion Week.

Winde Rienstra is the kind of designer that sees fashion more as a visual expression  than just wearable clothes. Creativity and craftmenships goes hand in hand when it comes to her designs. The lights went off and as I saw a man standing in the front playing the violin, the first model came up in this amazing architectural harnass made out of leather and woven threads. The colors were simple but luxurious in beige, white and gold accents. The collection looked a bit like the early work of Iris van Herpen. Architecture meets Fashion in a distinct elegant way.  The collection called 11:11 was inspired by an higher level of the conscious. Rienstra’s idea behind it was to visualize the energy of a person meditating. Truly inspiring modern sensibility.

Photos taken by Xaviera Wong A Soy of  This is Xaviera Blog

As my first day of the AIFW almost came to an end, I attended one last show, Generation 12. The designers were Artez graduates, a top notch Fashion academy in the Netherlands. And to my surprise when I was opening the invitation my seat was at the frontrow! After a whole day of standing and jumping for some good picture I had the pleasure to take a comfortable seat… with goodiebag! So with a smile I looked at the creations of the 5 designers Zheng Zheng, Yona van Mansfeld, Hanna Siwecki, Jonathan Christopher en Nick Rosenboom. Their collections were diverse and innovative. It went from romantic influences to bright color blocking. My favourite was the one of Hanna Siwecki. Her collection was inspired by the social media. “The current generation has grown up with the internet, integrating it into their lives until their online profiles develop into something bigger than their actual selves”, says the designer.  In this collection Siwecki used bright neon plastiglass on a dress, first as a necklace and then she had a creation which consisted primarily of these neon plastic triangles. The pattern and shape of the plastiglass symbolizes how we put the image we create on social media of ourselves in a very subjective way. What I liked was the fact that she was daring in creating, my favorite was the bright green dress made out of transparent sequins.

Frontrow Photos by me pff finally some ók photos

 Last but not least the Sage and Ivy show. Sage and Ivy is a sustainable fashion label that is made of ECO-certified materials. The name Sage and Ivy symbolizes  wisdom and eternity. Alexa van Engelen, the Dutch designer behind the brand, debuted in January 2010 with her ​​label on Premium Exhibition in Berlin. In her new collection, Alexa wants to take you to her dreamworld and I already heard the buzz that this show would be a spectacle. Alexa creates beauty and celebrates femininity in her garments. Each design underlines effortless sensuality and awareness. The event took place outside which was a relieve for Alexa because the weather was amazingly sunny. The guest were all arranged alongside a  pond of water. I saw that there was no room for the models to walk.  And as the music began the models came up and walked over the water. It was amazing, they had a construction build under the water. The clothes were romantic and dreamy, beautiful made garments with details like draping and braids. The long transparent fabrics in soft beige and grey colors and the water effect made it all complete. Make up was neutral and hair straight up in a knot, the models walked bare footed down the runway. Everything came together in one of the most memorable shows of the AIFW.

Photos by Phuong of the Travel in Style Blog

11 July, 2011

Young Money: Womenswear designer Charlotte Kan

For the The Icon Concierge I was invited to an exhibition called Fashion Crusaders at The House Of Rising. The event took place in an area known as the gay party street of Amsterdam. Hosted by Festina Lente Fashion a PR firm, 5 young designers were represented threw design, photography and film.

As I walked in I was welcomed by a small and intimate gathering of Fashion Lovers. DJ Mountain was setting the mode with his tunes. On the walls were the Fashion portraits of the different designers. I had a rendez-vous with one of the designers, Charlotte Kan. She designs contemporary pieces with an edgy cut. She will shoot her S/S 2012 Lookbook at the coming Amsterdam Fashion Week. 
I met her in the area upstairs and we sat down on the comfy benches..

At the coming AIFW you’ll be shooting your Lookbook , what are you most excited about?

Well at the AIFW I have a concept called Play&Pose with 9 Dutch fashion Bloggers wearing my designs. I will be looking for my last member, fashion blogger number 10 in the crowd. What I’m most excited about is when they are all lined up together and seeing all the designs as a collection come together.

The concept Play&Pose sounds cool! Tell me more about it. What made you decide to work with bloggers?

I wanted to explore other ways to show a collection. And it started in 2007 when I asked Elkie Vanstiphout a photographer and singer-songwriter to wear my garments and make fashionable selfportraits.
 Fashion bloggers are a valuable addition to the traditional Fashion media.
They are spontaneous and bring their own personal style. They make by designs accessible.

Item de SOYL: Stripes

p.s. I made this
Photos by Sharon

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