21 June, 2011

HOT on the streets: Versace for H&M

A word from Donatella herself

 Preview on the pieces.... :D This is a collaboration I will be standing in line for!! Sexy modern elegant pieces, it will be Versace but not to much ... Jup count me in..
Donatella is going on a whole new adventure with the brand Versace, she announced last week that she wanted to take the Fashion house back to the old glory of her brother Gianni. I think that this will be a good start .. what do you think of the collaboration?...


  1. I'll be right there with you in the line :)

  2. It will be great colaboration. I really enoy Donatellas designs.
    \I have to admit that Your blog is quite nice. I promise to look at Your posts frequently :)


    ...alkai... (And of course I'm following You now)

  3. i was lining up last time, i am ready to do it again:)))

  4. I'm so excited about it! I'll even camp in front of the store ;D


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