08 June, 2011

Museum visit: Future Beauty 30 years of Fashion


 I read about this amazing exhibition last year. And fortunately it  moved to the Haus der Kunst in Munich and I had the change to take a look for myself. True inspiration from visionaries like Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake and Junya Watanabe with Avant-garde Japanese fashion, from the early 1980s to the present. Future Beauty explores the work of the designers in relation to Japanese art, culture and costume history. The exhibition is divided into four sections - Praise of Shadow, Flatness, Tradition and Innovation, and Cool Japan.

Walking past the designs of mr Yamamoto you can feel a sense of serene  balance. Each design is fluid and takes you past your own limits of ordinary. There are no rules or restrictions in the designs, it feels like realisation of the imagination. I truly love the esthetic of the Japanese culture.
Walking further to Issey Miyake and Kawakubo’s protégé, Junya Watanabe. The most impressing garments one by one where passing by. And then it came too me ..This is art... An artist, the designer, who´s expressing thoughts threw his or her designs. Fashion is Art. Regardless of the style you like or the figure you have the most important thing is that you can express who you are from the inside. It´s a way of seeing Hey guys this is me.

 ..Hm I think I´ll be implementing this rediscovered wisdom in my style and designs. At least try. I always said that I´m not as the others you know the ones who try to hard to be fashionable. But it seems like after a while you can´t hide from all the trends and the circus around Fashion. Known as the playground for a blogger but destructable for the chi of a designer. ...Ok cut the drama ...I think it´s time for a clean Fashion sheet, lets start with some `inner` expression shall we....

The exhibiotion will be till mid June in Munich, Haus der Kunst. You´re not a around during this period? No biggie, I have some pictures and a shurt film I found serving on the Net.
Hope you´ll enjoy!

My favourite
Rei Kawakubo Comme des Garçons


  1. Love the black geometric dress. Inspiring pictures.

  2. I what to see that museum! It looks to be so interesting and inspiring!
    Thank you for sharing <3

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