13 June, 2011

DIY : SOYL Clutch inspired by Yohji Yamamoto

Last week I went to Future Beauty  and I saw the most beautiful garments by mr Yamamoto. Totally inspired by the fabrics and the methods I created this clutch. I made my first DIY of it and I hope you like it. If you have any questions or suggestions please comment. Also if you try it out, post and I can add it. I would love to see what you made.

You´ll Need:
  • 1 meter of Fabric of your chose best is a firm one
  • Scissors
  • Fabric Glue
  • Pencil
  • A3 format cardboard
  • Small pieces of jewellery necklaces or hangers
  • and buttons to close the clutch with
  • sewingmachine

Step 1. Measure and cut 2 pieces of fabric in the size of the A3 cardboard. Make sure you add 1 cm.

Step 2. Make strokes of different wides of the left over fabric and weave them. Make sure you put one big piece of A3 fabric under your wave design.
I also ripped the sides a bit more for an esthetic effect. Sidemark: If you want a simple clutch without the waving you can pin these two pieces together on the sides. Leave the underside open and sew. Go to step 4.

Step 3.  After weaving attach all the big pieces together with pins on the side. Put one A3 piece over your weavedesign. If all is ok you should have three sheets now: first one A3 piece then the weavedesign and then the other A3 piece. After you pinned it all test it by pulling it inside out to see if the right side is out. 
If that´s ok sew it all together on the side. Important: Leave the underside open don´t sew that part because the cardboard will go in.

Step 4. Cut extra fabric and iron the seams open. Pull the inside out.

Step 5.  Put the cardboard in. And glue the extra fabric. Take a look at you clutch and decide where you want the buttons to be.

Step 6. You need to make the sides  for your clutch. Draw your measurements on paper and cut them out of the fabric. You can then glue them to the sides of your clutch. Sidemark: It´s important to decide how high you want them to come this will determine your clutch capacity.

Final Step. Attach the buttons (don´t know the name) but they have a push system. You can use whatever you like really, even a zipper. And finally you can decorate your clutch. You must have some broken jewellery somewhere such as a bracelet you can use as a handle. Or a chain you can use as a strap. Have fun with it.

And this is the result a clutch with an oversized flap and weaving effect. I added the gold because I love white with gold and it gives that glamorous touch but not to much.


  1. This is so great!! it's amazing!!
    You are great at it! The way to make it is really cool.

    I love this clutch, and I feel like I want it! haha :)

  2. You are so talented and creative! Love this DIY
    Live Life in Style

  3. This is so creative indeed!
    I would love to have the patience for this.
    The result is very original.

  4. you have so much patience ! wow it looks pretty good !


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