29 June, 2011

Blogger Contest: Fashiolista

So Fashiolista is hosting a Blogger Contest in which you can choose an outfit for a certain event. And I chose for the event "have your photo shot by Sartorialist" So this is what I would want to wear if this would everrrr happen ... fingers crossed..  If you like it press the image and then the "Like" button on FB! btw if you are a Blogger.. What are you waiting for?? check the contest here and enter...

Blogger Contest: Sartorialist | Fashiolista


  1. The colour of the skirt and the nailpolish match so perfectly. Great outfit. Liked it of course ;)

  2. Lol, I have the same name. Spelled exactly the same way ;)

    I love your site. You utilize the space on here very well.

    Just to let you know, the ladies of our site are teaming up with Ms. Deja of (NBA) and hosting a relationship chat later tonight on the site. We hope to "hear" from you then. 8pm Eastern time. The chat will be located at the top of the homepage- can't miss it!


    Soraya (Sojo) ; FWB (

  3. Color of the bag is just perfect!Shoes are so sexy!Maja

  4. I'm not entering the contest because I'm quite busy now and wouldn't be able to promote my list, so... wouldn't win anyway lol
    But I'll help you, clicking like right now! good luck! =)

    kisses, Pi

  5. you choose great items!
    could you help me with the contest PLEASE :)
    just "like" at the link

  6. Voted! Would love for you to vote for me toO!

    Please Vote For Me on Fashiolista

  7. The bag and the sunglasses, love them!


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