28 May, 2011

Update: Items de SOYL

 I´m sewing now for 1,5 month and  this is the first time that the garment is exactly how it is intended from sketch. Pfew.. I´m getting somewhere! And ok it´s an easy fabric, stretch, the draping is how I wanted. Oh.. and about the two cuts on the side, don´t worrie you can´t see your panties. But there always has to be something shitty, well guess what, I made it to small, jup, my ass didn´t fit. Okok it fits, but you can´t see the detail from the front because it´s all stretched to the back due to my know what. Don´t worry I´ll find a victim to wear it and I will make another one for my eh behind :D .
On that note, I haven´t done an outfitpost in ages so you´ll see these items passing by.
Check out the garments,you like?... which one is your favourite? Let me know

Maxi Skirt Aphro

Shorts Mace

 Top Sheer Mist

Poncho Lake

Satin Top Tro

Lace Skirt Side

Batik Shorts Tip

Batik Skirt Lu

Gown Disc


27 May, 2011

Young Money: Interview Shoedesigner Anna Chan

Hey guys I want you to meet someone, Anna Chan. I read her story on her website and wanted to share it with you. Last year at the age of 26 she quite her 9 to 5 job and persuit her dream for Fashion. She literally went from Stockbroker to Shoedesigner. In Less then a year  the new collection is hitting stores across the UK. :D We love inspiring stories of people who turn their dreams in realities! Well, here´s the mini interview.

Anna in her own design

Tell me a little about your background – what did you study and what
path led to choosing your ultimate dream job?

I studied Management and Finance at school and after graduation I worked for a global investment bank, then at 25 I thought 'is this what i want to be doing for the rest of my life and the answer was "no" My passion was for shoes, Im a real girl's girl and so I have always had a thing for shoes and all things pretty.

It must be incredibly tough to make such a switch in life, to think with
your heart– what challenges have you faced , and what advice would you
have for young women waiting for their change.

I have loads of set backs, from suppliers backing out, to running out of money even before my site was up, to customers canceling their big orders... the list just goes on...
I have one motto and that is "Make it Happen", whatever it is you want, you should just go for it, make it happen. You really do just live once.

Looking at the collection the shoes are very elegant and modern. Where do you find your creative inspiration?

Everywhere really, my travels, going out to restaurants clubs, fashion shows. I like really feminine stuff, really girly stuff, stuff thats just pretty, Im not funky, Im not overly trendy and
I do not try to be.
When you create your collection, what type of woman do you think about? Who do you design for?
I just think about what it is that I would would like, the answer to that would be "me"

What is the next step for JustAnnaShoes?

Well, Im going to China tomorrow, so I hope that we can have a presence there sometime in the near future, we are already in a few stores in the U.K. but I would really love the brand to grow in China.

Thank you Anna for the interview! I´ve have some favourites in the collection below, you can check the rest of the collection on her website here and check out her blog and comment if you want here

small_small_Nikita Shoe 2.jpg
small_small_Angelina Shoe 2.jpg

small_small_Stella Shoe 2.jpg

25 May, 2011

Beyonce Run the World Performance Billboard awards 2011

22 May, 2011

Make up Inspiration: Color Blocking and Eyeliner Highlighting



Two extremes and trends for make up! Which style will you try out this summer? I pesonally need some color in my make-upbag I´m ashamed to say that I don´t even have a red lipstick in it. So that´s step one for me. All images are from M Magazin of The Make Up Store you can find it here

18 May, 2011

Item de SOYL: Lace


A glimps of Zara May Lookbook

Curious... check the site for the full version here

16 May, 2011

Item de SOYL: evening gown

09 May, 2011

Here is some shopping inspiration! For me it´s easier to visualise the style I want to go for before doing the purchase. It´s saves me a lot of dissapointment to say the least :)
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