07 April, 2011

Items de LVSYL

I don´t know about you but I´m craving  for some color blocking and pattern matching in my closet! Inspired by the bright tones and killer prints I decided to play the field a little bit. Here are a view Items I made, more to come!

LVSYL Skirt and necklace, Zara Top

The ultimate combination with this skirt for me would be with a jade green blouse, or khaki... uuuh or some kind of bright blue. But since I don´t have these colors in my closet I went for the brightest one I have, the Pink. The skirt has two different folds on the right downwards and on the left, the fold go to the side. In the middle you have a zipper in black. The skirt is high waisted on one side.

LVSYL Necklace

The necklace is feminine and modern, a bit edgy but still clean...The hanger is metall in a goldish color. The Necklace has a strechy fabric and has black and white stripes.
 LVSYL Clutch
To make the color blocking happen I went for a contrasting zipper in fuchsia and a dotted pattern in black and white. On the side it has the same pattern as the skirt. The size is one of a magazine so perfect...


  1. That necklace and clutch are to-die-for!!

  2. love the clutch and necklace, just to die for!
    following now, take a look at my blog and follow, if you want:)

  3. taa lindào seu blog!!
    da uma passadano meu
    ja to seguindo aki segue la tbm!!


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