15 March, 2011

Tyra Banks just launched her Type F

By Tyra

I have used it countless times, so it’s no surprise that many people associate me with the word "FIERCE." Sometimes I am that type of woman, but sometimes I am not.  Don't get me wrong -- nothing feels better than being a fierce woman.  My favorite type of woman (and man for that matter) is someone who is courageous and kind, passionate and loyal, energetic and confident.

I am entering into a new phase of my professional career and I hope to be FIERCE and FABULOUS at it. But it is all new territory -- exciting and scary.  I am going to Harvard Business School, writing a fictional novel called Modelland about a young girl who has to navigate through a model fantasy world where she encounters good and bad along the way. Plus, I am launching a website today called typeF!

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