16 March, 2011



MAINBOCHER evening gown weared by the impeccable Gloria Vanderbilt for Harper´s Bazaar

Some of MAINBOCHER´s Innovations
 the famous beaded evening sweaters; the strapless evening gown; bare-armed blouses for suits; the costume-dyed furs (black mink and black sealskin); novel uses for batiste, voile, organdy, piqué, linen, embroidered muslin; the waistcinch; mantailored dinner suits; bows instead of hats; the principle of the simple dress with lots of tie-ons (shirt-like aprons, changeable jackets); the sari evening dress; the "bump" shoulder (a sort of modified leg-o'-mutton sleeve) on suits and coats; the evening version of the "tennis dress" a white evening dress with "V" neck and stole); the revival of crinolines; the rain suit.
October 24, 1890 - December 27, 1976

 Young Blood

     Allessandra Rich gown for Spring Summer 2011

Allessandra´s Website says that with the launch of the Spring/Summer 2011 collection ALESSANDRA RICH establishes new codes for ready-to-wear fashion, capitalizing on the discovery of a new and edgy sophistication. This distinctive aesthetic evolves from a desire to create a universe of self-assured femininity, building confidence, and presenting timeless silhouettes for women who prefer positive emotions of privacy but who respond to indulgence in luxuries.

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